Does Broadband Internet Really Contribute to Productivity?

broadband internet

Image :via Wikimedia Commons

The digital world continues to grow and there’s no hiding the fact that connectivity with the rest of the world contributes greatly to business success. As more businesses depend on online operations, broadband Internet gives them a competitive edge through faster communications and increased client interactions. The key is to go for a business broadband plan that will allow organisations to perform operations proficiently and smoothly. It will enable them to do video conferencing, file sharing and move huge data among multiple users within or outside the same area. If the Internet quality is good, employees will have quick access to data, meaning the downtime waiting for files to download or upload will be short. This means an increase in productivity. There are plenty more reasons proving that broadband Internet connection contributes to employee productivity.

Broadband connectivity raises employee efficiency. If you have slow Internet speed, employees uploading or downloading data will have longer downtime waiting for information transfer. As they say, time is money and if the employee experiences long waiting periods, that equates to productivity loss. There are many research results about this. It was determined that Amazon will lose about 1.6 billion in sales if the loading of their site’s webpages is delayed by just one second. If an employee has to spend half a day doing research or accessing systems online due to slow connection, that is already 4 hours of productive work lost each day.

Time and money saver. Fast broadband connection allows employees to access online information quicker. They can easily access social media sites and update product information and promos. They can access websites of various vendors, check records or send and receive information and reports from other branches quickly. With high speed Internet connection, sending emails would be a breeze. You can also avoid long distance call charges because you can use VoIP to communicate with staff, colleagues and clients located elsewhere.

Better collaboration. You may have experienced the nightmare of sharing large files using a slow Internet connection in the past. With faster broadband connection, your employees will not experience this. They will be able to collaborate better and easier with vendors, customers and other staff/branches. Data and reports can be exchanged faster. Project collaborators in different locations will be able to work in real time, leading to faster completion of tasks and projects.

Stress reducer. Every business owner knows that stress can lower productivity. According to the World Health Organization, American businesses lose about $300 billion each year due to stress. Slow Internet connection can cause your employees stress because they cannot do anything else while waiting for files to download or upload. It can also mean stress to customers who need solutions to their problems but are frustrated due to slow Internet speed.

Allows multiple users. With faster broadband, multiple users in your organisation will not experience Internet lag, which is evident in slow as well as wireless connections. Broadband, which has a bigger bandwidth allows for multiple users. If your business relies heavily on the Internet, you and your employees will be doing multiple activities and using multiple devices simultaneously.

Broadband technology will satisfy business demand and need for business growth. There are various deals that major ISPs are offering, including more convenient features that will keep you ahead of competition.

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