Bubble Shooter Classic is one of those exciting mobile games that engages you with its addicting puzzle game play

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Bubble Shooter Classic is one of those exciting mobile games that engages you with its addicting puzzle game play. To get started, you simply navigate to the Google Play Store and download the app. You can download it from your PC, and it will automatically load up on your Google connected Android smartphone. It’s a pretty sweet way to get started with the Bubble Shooter Classic game.

Be sure to turn up your volume to enjoy maximum functionality from this intensely exciting game. The game features a smorgasbord of color bubbles. Simply click the green and orange play button to get started. Once you accept the terms of service, you’ll be able to install the game and enjoy all the features it offers on your gaming device. Next, click the open button and get ready to fire away at the bubbles on screen.

Amazing Boosts and Level Ups in Bubble Shooter Classic

Remember, this is a classic bubble shooter game, so all of the features are designed for purists of the game. The game is set up in a pinball-style format where you choose where to fire the bubbles using your finger on the screen. Simply point and release. Different color balls will load up for you to pop your way through each level. Once you clear levels and all the bubbles, you will earn points.

After each level, different games load up – these are the advertisements – you can install them if you want, but you can simply closeout the screen and return to Bubble Shooter Classic.Once you clear a level, you will earn 3 gold stars. You can connect via Facebook and share his achievement with friends, or you can simply click the green play button to move up to the next level. Remember, the different color balls can be manipulated all over the screen. Your goal is to clear the screen as quickly as possible, collect points and stars, and advance to higher levels. In total, there are some 800 levels in this amazing game.

Bubble Shooter Classic is Better than Board Games

Terrific features like fireballs and bomb drops are designed to help you clear the screen as quickly as possible.With these blast features, you are required to target the bubbles on screen and then unleash your firepower.  For example, when you pop 7 bubbles in a row, you will activate the fireball feature which blazes a trail across your screen and burns all the bubbles in its path. It’s one of the best fun games for free – for the whole family to play.

The fireball feature is cool, but the bomb drop is even better. When you pop 10 bubbles +, you will activate the bomb feature which you can then use to destroy all surrounding bubbles in the game. If it’s taking a little bit too long to pop the bubbles, simply buy these features with in-game purchases. As far as fun games go, this one’s a real winner. There is a cool feature in the game known as seismic. As you can imagine, this is a tectonic feature which will shake things up in a big way!

Here are a few of the great features of this game:

  • Fireball, Bomb, Seismic Features and more
  • 800+ levels with action-packed addicting gameplay
  • Special Bubbles including Diamond, Stone, Chained and Slime bubbles

Now let’s look at the Original Bubble Shooter and see how it measures up…

The Original Bubble Shooter is a rudimentary version of the upgraded Bubble Shooter Classic. In this version of the game, you don’t have any of the extraordinary features in the upgraded Bubble Shooter Classic, but you do get to understand how far the technology has advanced in the years since it was developed. You simply aim the different color balls at the grid above you, and as soon as you hit 3+ of the same color ball, they will be removed from the game screen. Make no mistake about it, the Original Bubble Shooter is great fun to play, and you can certainly appreciate how later versions of this game evolved.

One of the things that you will notice about the original game is that you cannot see the trajectory of the ball’s motion off the sides of the game screen. In the classic version, you can follow the path of the ball and know exactly where it’s going to land. In the Original Bubble Shooter, you simply have to play it by ear. If you don’t remove bubbles from the screen in time, they keep descending until they eventually collapse in on you, and it’s game over. For aiming accuracy, simply point your mouse directly on the spot you’d like the bubble to be fired at. If there’s anything in the way, that will impede your aiming, and prevent you from hitting your target. Overall, a great game, with less features, but certainly worth trying out.