How to Build an Own Mobile App and Start Making Money

mobile app

In 2017 it’s hard to imagine a prosperous company that does not have a mobile app yet. As well a good, informative and attractive website, an app helps you to promote your goods and services, engaging multiple modern customers. It offers you sizeable competitive edges as you reach your target audience fast and proficiently, in a cost-efficient and advanced way.
Nowadays, when more than 2 billion people worldwide own and use smartphones, you can reach them easily, avoiding any locational, language-related or other barriers. Thanks to innovative technologies, an enterprise increases sales volume, profit, ROI, becomes well-known and reputed only thanks to a good, powerful and user-friendly mobile application.

Why Does your Company Need a Mobile App?

As mobile app development is still an innovative activity that is at the forefront of technical progress, a good, complex, custom application requires significant investments. Meanwhile, this solution is among the most rewarding nowadays. A properly marketed app pays back fast, within 1-2 years and it’s a very efficient business or brand promotion method.
An app creation is a very successful channel to improve your company and get more concerned clients, trust and money. App development is beneficial, because:

  • it gives value to your loyal customers;
  • provides fast and easy alternatives to websites;
  • reduces advertising cost;
  • increases concerned customers’ engagement;
  • offers great customers support;
  • enhances the brand visibility;
  • enables promotion via social media.

Thanks to mobile apps, businesses increase interaction with their loyal customers and engage new clients. You reach your customers 24/7 regardless of their location, ethnic background, age, gender and profession. So, you can benefit your customers by loyalty program, fast and easy app launching and the required information getting.
The level of accessibility increases, and your brand is widely visible. Awareness is a significant driving motive of promotion, as only if people know your goods or services, they will buy or order them.
Mobile app marketing is the most cost-efficient and rewarding nowadays. Push notifications are unobtrusive. They don’t irritate mobile users the way TV advertising or email ad messages do. When we create mobile app, using proper lead generation methods, it helps you to engage your target audience easily, showcase your unique products and services and boost profit.

App Development Process

Mobile applications are different. They are commonly designed for online shopping, healthcare & fitness, geolocation, communication purposes. Meanwhile, the software solution development process is always similar. It involves cooperation of several experienced professionals: backend developers, coders, programmers, web designers, marketing experts, technical, project and QA (quality assurance) managers.
Our well-coordinated team of professionals follow the certain work stages to elaborate an efficient and popular product:

  • an interview ;
  • information structuring;
  • market studying and analysis;
  • hand sketching;
  • prototyping;
  • screens designing;
  • client-server architecture building;
  • programming;
  • testing and debugging;
  • project launching and the app publishing.

Mobile app development is a complex and customer-oriented process. So, here, at Woxapp Company, we always start with an interview with our highly-respected customers. We pose multiple questions to specify the customer’s requirements, the app purpose and functionality, platform, orientation and main languages. When the target audience is outlined, we know the basic app features, iOS or Android compatibility, and the unique way the screens should look.
We receive brief specifications from you or draft a basic document and start working.
Market experts study the similar solutions and the end users’ needs and preferences.
After additional consultations and negotiations, a detailed estimate and a commercial offer sending, a cooperation contract is commonly signed.
Our talented professionals draw sketches by hand, discuss multiple project aspects. We create a prototype that as is the app pages’ skeleton diagram. An UX (user experience) designed develops an app prototype, the app design concept and creates all statuses and screens.
The prototype is presented to the customers, discussed in details. The conventional changes are made, if necessary.
We create mobile apps for business, working on the app design that includes the scripts, the screens and navigation between them. Additionally, the data storing model is selected and the system synchronization is implemented.
Our talented coders perform backend development, empowering the app functionality. A task list that is called “back-log” is formed, and programming is performed stage-by-stage. Afterwards, the software solution is tested for errors and bugs and an application can be published on Google App Store or Play Market. We meet the stores’ requirements, providing a graphic and the product description.
Quite naturally, the application is installed to several target devices and studied for functionality and usability. Following the users’ requirements, some essential features can be added or changed. The necessary updates are provided, as well.

5 Ways to Monetize a Mobile App

Thus, an application building process is complex, but it’s completely clear and transparent for the customers. You can easily track the development stages, ask the project manager about the sensitive issues, make slight modifications. Meanwhile, when you invest in development, you are to know how to monetize mobile app to make profit and become successful. The basic monetizing methods are:

  1. In-app ads
    Advertising using a mobile app is extremely efficient. The customers are more targeted and engaged than using traditional screen ads. According to the recent study (performed by Xtify company), 30-60% of smartphone users open push notifications and interact with the app at once. Meanwhile, only 20% of recipients open promotional emails that is also a considerable percentage.
  2. Partnership
    Promoting another brand, you get money from your partnering company and benefit your customers by integrated experience. For example, a combine service such as mobile analytics is very useful. Advertisers can give the special rewards to the customers for completing some specified actions. So, they pay to the app owners for banners or logo adding, the special promotions, etc.
  3. In-app purchases
    Your app can be successfully used as an efficient sales channel. For example, selecting goods not from the given shop, but from an aggregate marketplace or ordering dishes from several restaurants, the customer can add them to the same shopping cart and pay within the same bill. It is convenient for the buyers, saving their time and efforts. However, any percentage should not be added in this case, as the platform would be not popular. The retailers or the food outlets commonly pay some amount for the sales volume.
  4. White-labelling
    You can create mobile app or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), test it, promote and develop, adding several beneficial features and then sell to another company to rebrand and use according to their needs.

Data monetization

Using the special apps, the customers fill up some blanks and leave personal data. You can collect and sell the data, considering the privacy law. Every user is to sign an agreement to the personal information use, then it’s legal and official. The data can be efficiently used for the market studying as the users’ needs and preferences are clarified.
The app itself can be promoted by various methods: email or SMS marketing, online advertising, etc. Finally, you can offer “premium”, paid app versions to the customers, offering them additional features or service.
Thus, an app development is a complex, professional and transparent for the customers process. It requires significant investments, but it’s incredibly rewarding. The ways to monetize an app are various and beneficial. They help you to make profit fast and successfully.