How to Build a Successful Team for Patenting Your Invention

When you have a great idea for a new product, something that has never been seen before, you will be completely involved in the complexities of developing your invention. But unfortunately if you do not look at sources of support and funding you may run out of money before your invention is ready to be patented. Some inventions require more money to develop than an individual or small company can spare. With most inventions, you cannot develop your idea alone. So what do you do next? Give up your idea? No – there are sources of help for when you are developing a product for market. Here are a few ideas about how to build a successful team to help get your invention developed and your patent secured.

Why You Need to Form a Team

You may have worked entirely alone as you began to develop your invention, and this is fine. For many people, the initial stages of inventing a product are conducted solo. But there will come a time when you need to ask for more help, particularly when you want to request funding and find money to develop your invention. You need to put together a team so that you can fully exploit your business idea. It is unlikely that you will possess the full skillset for doing this on your own. You will achieve your aims much more quickly. You will demonstrate to investors that you are efficient and you are making the most of external talent to help push your idea forward.

How Big a Team Do You Need?

You may be able to form a team with just one other person, although that person (or yourself) should possess excellent business skills and not just technical or design skills. The business side is very important. You need to know that you can push your product to market and make a good amount of money from it. When you are asking investors for money the business side of the invention will be what matters, not simply the technology itself.

How to Recruit a Team

You can build a team out of your family and friends, and choose who to recruit based on their skills and talents. The benefit of this is you know exactly what they are like to work with, although the downside is that working with family can be stressful. You can also build a team by hiring specialists, usually part time or remote workers, who can handle separate parts of the job. When it comes to patenting your invention you will need access to a patent attorney, and you can also get support from patent writing software and online help for patents that will assist in your patent preparations.