Build Your Business Website For Digital Visibility


Today’s businesses are basically required to invest in building a widespread web presence.  Without a digital presence in the lives of people who live in a digital world, your business will miss out on valuable opportunities to expand its customer base.

The foundation of your digital presence if your organization’s business website.  A business website is a digital homebase for your organization, and will serve as a platform for growth when designed in the correct manner.

If you’re not entirely certain on what design factors build your site’s potential to be seen online, you’ve dropped into the right business article.  Here is a quick look at some of the most critical design elements you’ll need to build your business website for digital visibility.

Copacetic navigational design

Your website needs a basic way to move around the content you provide to web users.  Traditionally, the stationary navigation bar is a solid implementation for movement within your site.  This property management website shows a textbook example of stationary navigation, and there is no question on how to utilize the element.

Design to encourage communication

Communication is major element of business and life in general.  You have to find ways to better understand from the perspective of the customer, and in this case, the web users.

You’ll want to know how they are receiving your design updates and if their interaction with your organization has been negative or positive.  Communication elements within your design will give you invaluable intel into the road you should travel to improve your operations.

Integrate social media sharing icons

Social media sharing icons will build a digital bridge between your organization’s home base and the social aspects of the internet.  Integrate social media sharing icons into your design to give web users the opportunity to spread your content free of charge.

Why pay for such marketing when your loyal web users will share their intel for free?  Research the best placement locations for the most popular social media platforms, and start placing them today.

Design for speed and mobile optimization

Everything online needs to be fast to draw a crowd.  Today’s web users have zero tolerance for lagging, slow-loading websites that take more than a few seconds to fully load.  It is beneficial to research all the different aspects you can control to make your website’s loading speed as fast and efficient as possible.

You must also account for the large number of mobile users on the internet today.  Your business website will miss out on valuable eyes if you don’t optimize for mobile viewing.  Adding media queries to your design coding is the easiest way to set your page up to display correctly on the smaller screen of a mobile device.