Building Customer Relationships Through Instagram


Most companies actively market their products on at least one major social media platform. With over 80% percent of businesses doing so, customer relations becomes quite an integral part of the business. It is imperative to achieve and maintain top notch customer service as you relate with consumers. It impacts your business’ image as other potential consumers will definitely be exposed to these interactions.

As a social media platform that is quite popular, instagram boosts business development all thanks to it’s visual representation of products to over 800 million active users. There is a vast business arena to tap from by marketing and professionally keeping in touch with over 60% of these users who are active daily. Instagram proves to be quite beneficial by attracting more customers and engaging the current ones.

Deviating from the traditionl shopping methods, instagram offers a social media platform that showcases brands and products available as well as promotions and offers. It’s visually aesthetic representation of brands, through pictures, videos and GIFs usually attracts consumers. With over 800 million active instagram users, brands get the opportunity to increase and improve their customer interactions

Here are some ways one can build customer relations on instagram and positively facilitate the growth of your brand and business at large. These methods are bound to improve your online customer service by improving how you engage your followers who are potential customers.

Presenting Clear and Precise Information


Brand pages should present information in a clear and precise manner. Your instagram bio should present details about your brand and products in an interesting and informative manner. This makes it easy for consumers to determine the brands niche. Consistency is paramount. Avoid changing your page name or your profile picture. Adopt a professional logo as a profile picture for example. Let your page name be related to the products you sell.

Contact information for services and products should always be precise and in working condition. These include emails, websites, other social accounts and phone numbers. . No need posting an inactive email or phone number that goes straight to the answering machine. Most customers like getting product information straight away. Post links on your bio that direct them to your website for more support and customer service. This way you can convert your instagram followers into email subscribers on your website. Possible offer them a sneak peak at products before they are posted on instagram.

Communication with Followers


Communicating with your followers allows you to build an image of your customer relations of which other customers will be exposed to. Some individuals recommend setting aside a specific time for communicating while others prefer responding immediately the comment notification pops up.

Ensure to respond to your customer’s comments relevant to the products. Respond to your customers questions on prices, other available versions of the products etc. Establish a quick response rate since it affects customer retention. This enables you offer clarity on your business as well as receive customer appreciation. Consumers also give feedback about the products and service they got. Such responses demonstrate to other consumers that you customer experience is vital to your brand thereby boosting customer relationships.

There are an array of features on instagram that enable you offer more information as well as advertise your products further. Take advantage of the insta stories to showcase the products on offer on that particular day. You can use your highlights to show the variety of products you stock. If it’s an online jewelry store, the highlights may consist of bracelets, necklaces earrings and anklets. Using all these features to your advantage helps you communicate with your customers.

User Generated Content


Customer appreciation is popular on instagram and one can engage consumers by using it to deliver a variety of content. It breaks the monotonous plain posting of products and brands. It showcases your interactions with customers while still advertising your product.

Host a challenge or contest for your followers using your products or brand name. Use the voting feature to determine what your consumers prefer and rate your products. You could  also challenge your followers to post pictures or videos of them using your products. You can then select the best ones, repost them and tag the user who posted it. It reduces your content creation cost by giving free quality content generated by your followers and also generate a branded hashtag. Your consumers are equally motivated by the customer appreciation of reposting and tagging them. This is the surest way to build customer relations as a result of the awesome customer appreciation.

Defining Audience by Selective Following

This is the most basic step most brands ignore. Customer relations will be  unavailable if you do not even get consumers in the first place. As with all businesses, one basically keeps I’m touch with consumers relevant to their brands and products. It would be futile to follow instagram users irrelevant to your business. Not all of the 800 million active users are interested in your products and not all are close to you.

Determine users relevance before following them. Do they follow similar businesses? Do their profiles indicate an interest in similar products? Are they located in the same geographical area? If yes, that user is a potential customer. If not, you will only be getting likes on your product advertisements and never actually get a customer.

Being Authentic

After defining your audience, you can advertise using branded hash tags, language and current trends more appealing to the particular audience. They will thereby relate more and be attracted to your brand. You can also partner with popular companies or local celebrities and influences to establish an authentic vibe to your products. Offering prices for acts as further promotion of your brand and creates a better customer relation.

Online product advertisement equally comes with a lot of doubt from customers. Cut down on the instagram filters and present your products as they would look in real time.