Business analytics tools: Top tools and overview (2021)


Every business must collect, evaluate, and leverage data to make the best decisions and grow. Business analytics tools offer an easy way to mine data for actionable insights. Tools used in business analytics make it easier to gather the right information and visualize it to help comprehend what it means. Depending on the skills and interests, you can opt for a business analytics certification to advance your career in business analytics. However, it’s important to choose the right one for your requirements.

Let’s look at some of the widely used business analytics tools designed for modern enterprises. 

List of Business Analytics Tools

Here are some of the business analytics tools and techniques;

  1. Microsoft Power BI: Power BI is a collection of software services, applications, and connectors that work together to transform disparate data sources into logical, visually engaging, and interactive insights. Some of the key features of Power BI include artificial intelligence, APIs for integration, common data model support, quick insights, and hybrid deployment support.
  2. Qlik: With this comprehensive platform, you can turn raw data into meaningful insights and draw data-driven culture. It helps companies close the gap between data, insights, and actions to engage in better strategies for long-term growth. 50,000 customers around the world are using it. 
  3. Dundas BI: Visual dashboards and scorecards can be made using this tool to make your company’s journey easy to understand. It is a flexible and scalable BI system and offers a convenient web page interface straightforward to use. This comes with features like point and clicks trend analysis, API development access, and much more.
  4. Tableau:  This state-of-the-art business analytics tool benefits from ease of use, vast and friendly community, and a convenient integrated platform that you can deploy on-premise in the cloud or integrate natively with Salesforce CRM. You can also access visual tools for reporting. 
  5. Sisense: It is the only API first cloud technology committed to helping companies connect their data and create their analytics. Companies can choose to run their solution on-premise or cloud. They can use this business analytics tool to analyze large, diverse datasets and generate specific business patterns.
  6. Zoho Analytics: This business analytics tool is essentially used for dashboarding and visual analysis. It can help in ranking reports, what-if analysis, executive dashboards, interactive reports. It also has a robust suite of data connectors to pull data from various resources.
  7. TIBCO Analytics: This business analytics software comes with a comprehensive machine learning solution that helps you prepare your data and support for building data models ready to deploy across multiple industries. TIBCO Spotfire is a highly customizable system that aims to be the most immersive analytics solutions in the market             
  8. Oracle Analytics Cloud: These self-service solutions come with a host of visualization tools to help you share useful insights and enterprise reporting capabilities, advance analytics, and more. It comes with an extensible open framework. 
  9. Board:  It is a single platform that companies can use for BI, performance management, and advanced analytics. Midsize and enterprise-level businesses mostly use it in varied market segments.
  10. Looker: From advanced business intelligence and embedded analytics to workflow integrations and custom data applications, Looker offers you the tools to power various data experiences. Looker provides a seamless interface to access the most accurate, up-to-date version of your company’s data, regardless of where it is stored.
  11. Microstrategy: This is one of the widely used business analyst software tools that serve the needs of all business platforms with an incredible library of visualization and analytical functions.
  12. Thoughtspot: This is an AI-driven business intelligence platform that makes real-time business data easy to explore, analyses, and share. This is a tool for working with virtual dashboards, visualizations, reports, and advanced analytics. Any on-premise, cloud, big data, or desktop data source can be connected to and combined with ThoughtSpot.
  13. SAS Visual Analytics: This self-serviced visual analytics system comes with excellent cabinet capability, exceptional scalability, and an easy-to-use interactive dashboard. The data can be presented in the most engaging way to your colleagues and shareholders.
  14. IBM Cognos Analytics: This AI-fueled all-in-one platform supports the entire analytical cycle from discovery to operations. You can visualize, analyze and share actionable results about your company with anyone in the organization. It can be deployed wherever needed with support for a multi-cloud environment- public, private, or premise.
  15. Yellowfin: Yellowfin is the only analytics platform that incorporates action-based dashboards with industry-leading automated analysis. Yellowfin serves the needs of data analysts, business users, consumers, and developers by giving them innovative ways to interact with and act on their data. 


The use of business analyst tools has greatly helped businesses in their growth. In today’s time, no other profession can compare to business analytics in terms of pay, learning, and training opportunities in the workplace. Multiple avenues for skilled business analysts are opening up in various industries, including automobiles, healthcare, retail, finance, hospitality, and aviation, as companies increasingly use business analytics tools. Getting the right skill sets is important for beginning a career as a business analyst. Jigsaw Academy offers online business analytics courses, that can help you earn a business analyst certification.