How A Business Can Easily Succeed Selling Shoes Online

selling shoes

Some businesses find it difficult to sell shoes online. It’s maybe because customers are used to going into stores to try a pair on before parting with their money. Luckily there is a good chance you can turn things around if you follow a few simple steps. Here are a couple you should get started with if you want to become as successful as possible.

Always Have A Sizing Chart

If you don’t have sizing charts on your website you’re going to run into trouble almost straight away. Mephisto shoes might fit correctly when people buy a pair in their normal size, whereas Merrell shoes could be too big unless they came down a size or two. In other words, without sizing charts you’ll end up with a website selling a huge percentage of shoes that will never fit the customers.

It Should Be Easy To Navigate

The average person doesn’t even know how many kinds of shoes there actually are. When they’re trying to find what they want when searching through a website it can soon become infuriating. One of the easiest ways to help everyone find exactly what they’re looking for is by making sure your navigation bar is flawless. Someone will only click a few links until they give up and buy their shoes somewhere else.

Stop Distracting Everyone

This has to do with the navigation of your website, but it’s also got to do with everything else you litter your pages with. Guess what someone wants to buy when they’re searching for shoes? They don’t want to buy a new jacket at the same time, but when you display other products you’re distracting them from what they really want. In order to maximize conversions you should only be focusing on the shoes.

Take Risk Out Of The Equation

Does your online store have a refund policy when people buy shoes? Can they send a pair back if they’re still in pristine condition? Some businesses only let customers send a pair back if the labels are still attached. Nobody will know your refund policy unless you explain it to them clearly. Once you do this people will be more likely to buy because you’ll have taken the risk out of the equation.

Try To Offer Good Deals

Shoes are one of the things you know will be the same on every website you buy from. It doesn’t mean someone won’t spend a little more on your website because of your brand, but there is only so much extra you’ll be able to charge. It means you’ll need to look around to see what deals are on offer at any moment in time. If you can match them you should do it. This includes delivery prices too, because everyone wants it for free these days.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Hopefully you can see a website ignoring everything we’ve talked about today will run into problems. Selling shoes online might be a challenge, but considering there are thousands of other people selling them it’s not impossible. Start using a few of these tips to see how well they work and over time you can introduce all of them onto the site.