The Business Of Resort Management: Tips For The Novice


The Business Of Resort Management: Tips For The Novice

Managing a resort is no simple task.  The job of Resort Manager requires an individual to wear many hats and play several roles in the business of their property.  If the resort offers food services (which most do have their own restaurants), managers should know what type of food is being produced there as well.

The job is not simply about smiling and making nice with visitors.  It requires many other skills.  Take a moment to read over a few helpful tips aimed towards the novice resort manager.

Utilize the tools of technology

We have already established that resort management is no cake walk.  Allow technology to help make the transition a bit easier.  There are several software programs designed to aid management in all types of business-related responsibilities.

It behooves the novice as well as the veteran to keep up with newly developed tools of technology.  The main goal of programmers is to make the job more manageable.  There is nothing to risk.  Invest some time into program research.

Communication with staff

It is vital that any type of managerial staff maintain positive communication habits with staff.  Allow employees the chance to be heard.  It is counterproductive to manage like a dictator.  Collaborate efforts and respect those who help keep the property running smooth.

It is a simple concept, really.  When people feel as though their opinion is being valued, they are much happier to do their work.  A happy staff makes the atmosphere, and ultimately the clients feel more comfortable.

Communication with patrons

The communication is much different, but it is also vital to maintain a healthy line of communication with the property’s patrons.  If a manager has no idea what the customer experience is like at their resort, then there is no way to gauge what is working and what needs to change.

Be present with patrons and provide every opportunity possible for them to share their thoughts and feelings about the resort and their personal experiences during their stay.

Positive team mentality

A team mentality is a highly valued quality among resort managers.  It may take some work, but get the staff to work together as a unit.  Find ways to build relationships.

Employees are much more likely to respond positively to requests or criticisms when they value the speaker’s relationship.  It needs to feel like we are all in this together, every step of the way.

Collaborate instead of dictate

As was mentioned before, collaborate with employees.  Do not dictate orders or attempt to rule with a proverbial iron fist.  No one respects a leader that has to remind them of their power on a regular basis.  It is annoying and rude.

Instead, work alongside staff to optimize their own and the client’s experience daily.