Can Blogging Be Your Secret medium For a successful Local SEO Campaign


Most marketers and owners of small businesses consider the job done when it comes to local SEO once they have got some geo-keywords spread across their site pages and their Google Maps listing verified.

While these techniques prove beneficial and some clients use their Google Maps listing to get a lot of local business, attaining a stronghold on local search engine optimization keywords requires a little more work.

If there are several competitors vying for top search positions, as is usually the case unless your niche is very specific, you will have to unleash a secret weapon. That specific secret weapon is not anything surprising; what you need is a blog, says Derek Diamond, digital marketing manager at A Plus Digital.

There are many ways a blog will help you grow your online traffic, here are some:

  1. A clear benefit is ranking in Blog searches. This will deliver extra website traffic, offering your brand a tone of goodwill and genuineness among your followers, because you are considered not only intelligent but also well-informed.
  1. To keep the Google bots interested in crawling and indexing your site, you need to have fresh content generated.
  1. Blogs also ensure you are kept up to date about media and news events associated with your business or industry, which otherwise you may have missed. It is greatly advantageous if you are working in a niche, which does not find famous or regular mentions in the ordinary news.
  1. If you offer high-quality links to other sites and bloggers in your content, they are will definitely return the favor at some point, which means you receive top quality backlinks without the need to go out searching for them.
  1. Blogosphere is an enormous ecosystem as soon as you enter this world; you get the opportunity to meet others who are creating content for the same field as you are, improving learning possibilities and giving new insights into the way to carry out your local business more efficiently and effectively. You can gain knowledge from new ideas and success stories circulating online to your company’s benefit.
  1. It increases the engaging aspects of your company, thus providing you with a consistent fan base. A torrent of visitors visiting your site and investing valuable time reading the copy allows Google know that you are providing something, which is interesting and relevant and is connected with the topic your content is about. The more website traffic and comments you get, the more your worth will increase in the eyes of Google.
  1. Being intelligent makes you money but being well-informed earns you followers. Blogging is an important tool for growing the online reputation of your business. A lot of people will be drawn to conduct business with you if you have a blog section that is up-to-date, where you are dealing with the problems associated with your industry or business and promoting new ideas regularly.
  1. Blogs can also grow to be the funnel to direct targeted traffic towards your other social media pages and online marketing channels. Many blogging sites permit feed source integration. Thus it is possible to instantaneously spread the word regarding new posts through social media notifications (i .e. if a person has them activated for your social media page) or by appearing in their Twitter, Google or Facebook feeds.

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