Can WordPress Engine Handle Business Site


Many small businesses sites on the web are based on the WordPress platform. The reason why many small businesses like to use WordPress is that it does not require any programming knowledge. WordPress is a popular platform so you can expect that it has a lot of themes and plugins free for you to use. By running your site based on WordPress, you will be able to use a consistent design for all the posts and pages. WordPress comes with a lot of SEO plugins that you can use to optimize your site for the search engine.

It is important that you choose the right theme for your business site. Not all themes are suitable for a business site. Most of the themes you find on the WordPress theme directory are designed to use on a personal blog. If you want your customers to have a good impression, it is recommended that you use a premium business WordPress theme. The premium business theme looks more professional and you will get to customize all aspects of the theme appearance.

Many professional looking premium business WP themes like Monstroid have affordable cost and you can get it for around $25 or more. Due to the stiff competitions in the field, many WP theme developers are trying to include as many free features as possible in their themes at a low cost. By purchasing the theme, you don’t have to spend time to code it yourself. If you are a newbie to coding, you will find that a premium theme is the most suitable option. The premium theme is ready to use and documentation is available for those who need help in using it. Every premium theme is developed by a team of skilled developers that include graphic designers and coder.

The premium WordPress theme is already optimized to load fast and it can be viewed across all major browsers without any problem. It is optimized to work with most of the plugins so that your blog won’t get stuck in error when you install a plugin. It is already mobile friendly and can be adapted to the screen size of smartphone and tablets. Using a mobile friendly theme is necessary in order to achieve high conversion rate for your products and services as many consumers use mobile devices to surf the web nowadays.

Premium theme offers much more built in customization options. It gives you the ability to customize all aspects of the theme such as navigation, layout, font style, background color, header, footer and image. It includes tons of free addon elements such as audio player, image, shortcodes, post slider, portfolio, and gallery.

Another benefit of using a premium WordPress theme is that there is no logo, branding and copyright information at the bottom. There is no link back to the seller site at the bottom of the theme. You also will not see any ad displaying in the premium theme. The problem with free theme is that they have logo and branding of the seller site which can give your customers a negative impression that you are unprofessional.

When you purchase a premium theme, you can enjoy regular updates for free. Many premium WordPress themes now include free support so that you can always get help whenever you face issues with the theme. With a free theme, there is no warranty and you have to fix it yourself if something went wrong. This can be bad if your theme got into an error and you need to quickly resolve it to prevent customers from leaving your site.

Premium WordPress theme is more unique compared to free WordPress theme. A free theme is undoubtedly to have been downloaded thousands of times because it is free of charge. Premium theme costs money to purchase so there will be lesser people using it. The premium theme comes with a lot of customization options that allows you to customize the theme to become more unique.