Canada Is Good for the Master’s in Data Science


Students and professional consider the data science and data analytics to pursue as a career. But it’s an important and considering point while you are planning to pursue a specific for your future career. There are multiple guidelines and articles as well as online consultancy available from different institutions who give proper guideline about careers and your selective field.  When it comes to having data science program Canada is one of the best option and universities there offering different data science program.

What is Data Science?

Data science is basically the analysis or evaluating the data both structured and unstructured data. A data scientist uses different scientific methods, algorithms and knowledge to evaluate the collected data. It focuses and evaluated from the theories of statistics, mathematics, computer sciences and information sciences as well. A data scientist uses his or her knowledge and adopts proper tools to incorporate new products or services in the market, help to reduce the cost and bring continuous improvement for better decision making.

Why Choose Canada For Data Science?

Data science programs Canada are very popular among the students living in Canada as well as outside Canada. There are multiple reasons due to which the students and professionals adapt to shift their programs to Canadian universities. Here are some of the reasons for masters in data science Canada:

  • In Canada 15 to 20 good and well-reputed universities are offering master’s in data science with giving the scope for the research and exploration in data science.
  • In Canada, there are a good number of vacancies for a data analyst and data scientist which is a good and potential scope for the students.
  • For international students, Canada is offering multiple benefits like:
  • Inexpensive residents and scope of jobs with studies
  • Affordable tuitions fee and expenses
  • Offering immigration friendly system
  • Scope for the jobs for international students
  • Easy visa and work permit facilitation
  • Canada’s degree holder can be recognizable anywhere in Europe, USA and the Middle East as well.
  • Students get the availability of Canada online master of data science as well.

Top Data Science Programs in Canada

Data science program Canada is a potential and most requiring field in which there is a huge room for the data scientist. In Canada, only around 19,000 vacant positions are available for the data scientist and to fill these spaces they are offering around 20 top data science programs Canada. Here is the list of top data science programs in Canada:

  • Masters of data science
  • Master of business analytics
  • Sc. in computing & data analytics
  • Master’s in big data
  • Masters in data science and analytics
  • Sc. in applied computing
  • Masters of business analytics
  • Masters of management analytics
  • Data science/information studies
  • MS information systems
  • Computer science with database systems and data mining
  • Information security and data management
  • MS computer science with research in data science

These programs are offering in almost top 20 universities in Canada for their local and international students as well.