Thursday, December 12, 2019

5 Ingredients of a Customer-Friendly E-Commerce Store

Millennials and Gen Z need to trust a business before they spend their time and money on their products and/or services. The younger generations are seeking a connection with companies that...

Are Online Shoppers Put Off by International Delivery?

Online shopping is growing more popular day by day. For example, in the UK 5855 high street stores shut down in 2017, the cause largely down to the boom in online...

2019 Web Design Trends

We’re heading into the last throes of 2018, which only means one thing: 2019 is almost here. While most people will go shopping for Christmas presents and think of resolutions they’ll...

The benefits and challenges of working from home

Working from home may sound like the ideal to some people but while there are many benefits to not having to leave the house every morning, it also presents its own...

Price War – The Frantic Pace of Price Changes

Retail, whether online or at a physical store, is becoming increasingly competitive. Online stores forced traditional retailers to lower prices to stay competitive. Now, many brick & mortar chains are using...

7 Signs Broken Workflows Are Getting in Your Way

Broken workflows are death traps that lure employees and customers alike into a tangled mess of processes. As much as smooth workflows make everyone feel like they are floating down a...

What You Need to Know about Trading Forex with Leverage

One of the biggest attractions of trading forex compared to other instruments is that you can leverage your trades. This allows you to make a lot of money from a relatively...

Why Your Best Salesperson May Not Make A Good Manager

Promoting a top performing salesperson to the role of sales manager would seem to be a perfect solution to filling a key vacancy. They already know the organization and team, they...

How To Monitor Compliance

Many organizations recognize the importance of cybersecurity and have implemented a security-first approach to keep the data they are entrusted with safe. A robust cybersecurity compliance strategy will go a long...

4 Important Factors that Good-Quality Delivery Software Must Have

Nowadays, in order to provide satisfying delivery service, manpower and transportation aren’t enough. You also need to have the reliable delivery software. Good-quality software like OnTime360 will help you a lot....
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