These ccna training courses are recommended picks for training


Get Tips To Clear The CCNA Security 210-260 (IINS) exam!

The CCNA IINS 210-260 Security certification or exam 210-260 is much coveted.  The test for the same comes with about 60 or 70 questions at the most, while the paper lasts for 90 minutes. The basic testing areas are knowledge of secure network systems, core concepts of security; secure access management, prevention of intrusions, firewalls, VPN encryption, email security, web content security along with endpoint security. These are managed with the aid of:

  • Cloud tech
  • Virtual network tech
  • SIEM tech
  • Bring Your Own device
  • Cisco FirePOWER Next Generation IPS
  • Identity Services Engine
  • 1x Authentication
  • Anti-Malware protection

The ccna security exam validates candidate skills in context of:

  • Installation
  • Secure network monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Integrity maintenance of network
  • Data availability
  • Device availability

These ccna training courses are recommended picks for training when you plan to take the IINS exam:

  • Implementing Cisco Network Security
  • E-Learning modules for Implementing Cisco Network Security

The courses we list are available from Cisco Learning Partners. Remember, this is the exclusive and single authorized resource for all Cisco IT based trainings. Only exclusively Certified Cisco Instructors deliver these. Find your Cisco Learning Partner nearest you.

Top Tips To Help Prep Up For Exam 210-260

Of late, the CCNA Security exam has been updated form 640 – 554 to 210- 260. While preparing for the CCNA exam, the best guide to follow is Official Cert Guide CCNA Security. Cisco Press publishes the same.

  • While some believe that this is not much comprehensive, we back the same since it is reader friendly. One tip follow though is to use some discretion and backup your reads with add on research.  This is because sometimes the header content in the guide might not be coherent with what is written in the main body.
  • As a proper supplement to OCG, Cisco E Learning IINS V 3.0 is expensive but has a lot of thorough material. From structured lab lists to quizzes, there is a lot of helpful stuff available here. Some suggest using the CCNA Security track.
  • As far as labs are concerned, ASA 5505 is a great choice and is generally used in “production” environments by users. Another great tip for material is referring to IINS v3.0 Study Material page.  This lists most reliable learning sources that you could use. The CCNA Security Training Series Video materials too are a handy lot.
  • Another helpful tip to crack the exam is to understand its syllabus in depth. Check out CCNA security certification page for the same. Do note that these labs are not part of the free preview.  These refs part do Section 4 of the paid e learning course. The material also includes simulated router with a couple of PCs.
  • Expert tip here is to practice command configuration with syntax in a guided manner.
  • A worthwhile point here is to acknowledge online means as a better learning method.

Top sites for Cisco you could enrol with, are-

  • CBTNuggets – It has one of the most reliable CCNA online modules. It is available for a weeklong free trial.
  • Ine website– This is also a reliable pick.
  • Kevin Wallace – His website is one of the simplest training means.  Wallace is well renowned as a trainer too.

Of course, all these add-ons work best when you already have the certificate guide to refer as a Bible for the ccna exam.

Practice makes you perfect prepared 

While this is not a common tip, it could make you better versed with the pattern of the paper as well as to gauge the timing right. Do not skip practicing the entire guide. This gives you better grasp of commands and concepts.

Finally, though a conventional line, be prepared to add lots of efforts to your prep time for. It could be high on commitment but is worth every bit of your dedication.