Choose Flexible Packaging – Best Types of Packaging Materials


If you create products for your own small business but are concerned about child safety, you may be wondering how you can design custom printed mylar bags to be child-proof for your customers. Mylar bag has become most reliable packaging option in different Industries, because they don’t compromise the quality of product and protects the item from heat & moisture. Many products, such as medical pills and others, can present dangers to children if the packaging is too flimsy and easy for children to break into, so making sure your product is child-proof can help not only keep your customers and their families safe, but ensure that your company avoids any lawsuits. Additionally, having child-friendly packaging can work in your favor in advertisements and sales, as many families may opt for child-proof options over non-child-proof ones. If you’re not sure where to start with redesigning your packaging, check out this list of useful materials that can help you design the ultimate child-friendly packaging.

Choose Flexible Packaging and Pouches Instead of Traditional Structures

When you think of packaging, you likely think of traditional choices such as inflexible cartons, jars, boxes, bags and more. While many of these types of packaging are associated with different products in consumers’ minds, custom flexible packaging offers numerous benefits over traditional packaging that could help you convert customers. Some benefits of this type of flexible packaging include:

  • Having a lightweight composition
  • Being made with sustainable materials
  • Providing a resilient barrier against environmental damages
  • Being easy to ship

When you choose a more flexible option, it can deter children from getting into the product while still allowing your customers to access the item they need.

Consider Using a Mylar Bag

For those working in the electronics industry, it’s essential to have packaging that’s not only child-proof but is also able to work as an electric insulator. If this description fits you, you might want to look into using mylar bags child resistant instead of your current packaging. In short, Mylar is a sort of polyester resin material that has a silver appearance and is useful for packaging small parts or various types of electronics. Its appearance is attractive enough to make for good marketing while helping assure your customers their children will stay safe.

Use a Hard-Plastic, Thumb-Press Format for Small Items

If you work in the pharmaceutical industry and happen to package pills, it may be a good idea to incorporate a thumb-press format with a hard plastic shell in order to ensure kids don’t accidentally get into the medications in the container. These designs typically incorporate what’s known as a single-dose format, where the container uses the press of a thumb to give only one pill at a time. This is a much safer option for families with kids in general, since kids are less likely to be apply to apply enough force to release any pills.

In today’s safety-focused world, having child-friendly packaging can not only protect your company from harmful lawsuits but also give you a boost in ads and sales among conscious or concerned parents looking for child-proof product options. By incorporating some of these top material ideas, you can ensure that your product is child-proof while remaining highly attractive to consumers.