Online marketing for your business or product is the latest buzz in the world of marketing, and by the look of it, it is here to stay. Of course, it is a given fact that an active online social media persona is essential in building up your brand name especially if you are a relatively small or new business. Also building good customer relation and trust through email marketing is a brilliant way to make that personal connection with the customer that will make them a lifelong consumer of your products or services. However, just being active online and having a social media persona will not cut it.

Ranking is important

If a consumer or potential customer cannot find you in a search engine or at least on the top search page, then you are bound to lose out on some valuable customers who might have been the kind of buyers you were looking for. After all search engines are there to help you and customers meet their needs. However, to utilize this facility to its fullest the first thing you need to understand is a thing called SEO. It is also necessary to make this growth organically and not in paid way so that when you turn up on a top search of the page, it does not show “sponsored” because organic search is where the trust of the customer resides usually. This is where SEO comes in handy. It helps you be found on search engines namely search engine giants like Google and that too in an organic way. For this, you need to understand how to optimize your website for SEO and good content.

SEO and Google:

SEO is a process by which you can increase your chances of appearing on the top search page for your related products or services whenever someone searches them. With a good SEO, you can rest assured that your business website will be put on the top search page.

SEO works in various ways, and it is anything but easy. In fact, it is quite a tedious and complicated process of putting on-page and off-page factors together. For small business marketing having a good SEO is essentially an important thing because their online brand value will bring in more potential customer. Today digital marketing search optimization is not an option anymore but an essential factor in the growth of the business. If you are not aware of SEO or don’t have a well- organized business website, chances are you will miss out on real potential customers.

Efficient method to use SEO: the correct approach

A successful online presence in today’s digitally updated world means half the battle won. If you ignore this vital aspect of online marketing, then you are bound to lose to your competition. It is even more important for small businesses as about 97 percent of consumers search online on some search engine for their products and requirements. Moreover, there is an estimation of about 5- percent of businesses that lose out on this opportunity because of their lack of SEO. Now SEO is a very complex algorithm and search engine giants like Google with keeping their methods updated all the time; these algorithms can be hard to understand. Without understanding how this works, you can build a strong SEO for your business website.

Old myths

Firstly with the new Google updates, let’s clear out some old myths that were perhaps once valid but are no longer serving the purpose of giving you a fully optimized website with good SEO. At first, there is the concept of Meta tag description and that it helps in the ranking of your site. The fact is search engine giants like Google and Bing no longer index their data through Meta tags like they used to.

Of course, that does not mean you go on to ignore them completely either. The meta tags are just texts that come along with the link to the search results when someone searches for something on the search engine like Google. With Google’s updates, it is now a description that is more convincing and will compel a potential visitor to turn into a reliable customer. The all new updates on Google also means the algorithm of Google has changed and low-quality links will not be working anymore in increasing the page’s ranking. Google’s new policy is quality over quantity, and now you have to focus on the quality of keywords rather than just the numbers.


It is imperative that you hire a SEO consultant to optimize your business website professionally. Now all search engines were not made to be equal and if a search engine itself does not show up on the top search then it kind of puts a question on its credibility. So choose wisely. Also steer clear of companies that promise to a guaranteed top position on Google as SEO is a complicated process and with search engines like Google constantly being updated these things become difficult every day as it is all about updates.

Author Bio: Simon Ruth is an authenticated author and has published in various publications and is currently writing on online marketing strategy for businesses. In this article he explains what SEO is and why is it important to hire a SEO consultant and get professional help.