Many students become blank when it comes to writing a term paper. Does it mean that they do not have enough knowledge in this subject? Far from. It says that most of them have no clue how to write it and what to start with. One of the main purposes of a higher educational institution is to teach a student to reflect himself and develop the skills of scientific work. It is not just a big essay. This type of writing has particular demands that cannot be ignored. Are you aware of how to do it properly? If your answer is “no”, we will give you some pieces of advise that will help you to do it step by step.


The choice of the student is not always given, but if you don’t wait for the dead end and speak about it with your supervisor in advance, you will be able to consider several variations together with the teacher. In order to get this opportunity, you have to demonstrate your interest and eager to work hard. It doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. Start to get points from the very beginning.


You have chosen a topic that is simpler and more interesting than others, and now it is time to search for the general information. You are able to work on books in the library, take different encyclopedias, textbooks, dictionaries and other trustworthy sources. You can find the same amount on the Internet and even more. It is up to you. It will help you to realize what your term paper has to be about. You have to spend some time here to move to the next step.


Skipping the second step you won’t be able to make up a plan for your term paper. Make a short, crude plan and discuss it with your supervisor. The teacher changes it, adds or deletes something that is why general information will be enough at this point. Then you have to look deeper and expand on every of the paragraphs with theses. Tell what you are going to describe and what issue you will disclose here and there. If your way of thinking is correct, your academic advisor will allow you to keep moving.


Usually, teachers suggest you the list of the main useful works, but it is not enough. You have to be ready to search for some articles in scientific journals and collections, monographs yourself. You are to rely on these sources because putting a hundred names on the list, ripping them from notes to some monograph will make you look bad during the defense. It’s better to have several books and articles, but those that you read or scroll through.


Having found all the necessary books and articles, you should divide the information into the chapters and paragraphs. Don’t copy everything – only main points and in your order. Don’t forget about footnotes, write them down simultaneously. Each paragraph and each chapter ends with a personal conclusion on the topic. You can have a kind of discussion with the authors who have already written something about your topic. Think and make it pass through you. Your term paper has to show your independent and original work.

Introduction and Conclusion

These parts are written at the end. While writing the term paper, your hypothesis can be disproved. That is why you will form a new hypothesis that meets the conclusions. These are template parts of the paper, which are not written but compiled regarding clear requirements.


The work itself is only a half the battle. It is necessary to find out not only the rules for the title page but also many other nuances: how to draw up tables, formulas, applications, etc. Don’t be lazy or you will have done all this for nothing.


Pay attention to all types of errors that are possible in your term paper. The less the mistakes, the higher the grade.

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