Choosing the Ideal Travel Credit Card


Credit cards have a large and looming presence in the modern world. They are used to pay for just about anything, including groceries, vehicles, candy, toiletries, and anything else that you can think of.

In the United States, we really love our credit cards. So it shouldn’t come as a major shock to anyone when you see advertisements all over the place offering sign up bonuses, rewards, and reason after reason to open up a credit card with that particular lender.

They’ve even brought celebrities into the act! Nary has a day gone by without seeing some celebrity promote their “favorite” credit card. If you’re interested in travel credit cards, this is an excellent opportunity to gain points that can provide free airfare, hotel accommodations, and even cold hard cash.

Since credit companies are always looking for new ways to bring in customers, they will partner with a wide range of travel brands. Through these partnerships, credit card customers can then receive special discounts, loyalty points, sign up bonuses, and much more. With that said, it might be easier said than done as far as picking the best travel credit card is concerned.

To help you choose the perfect one based on your particular needs, we’ll lay out the various options to help you find the best travel card to suit you.

The Sign-Up Bonus

Many of today’s best travel credit cards offer new customers a huge sign-up bonus.

What consists of a huge bonus? Well, sometimes the mileage points are so big that you could end up getting a free flight. As an example, let’s say you decide to choose the Alaska Airlines credit card. This card offers a huge sign-up bonus in the amount of 25,000 miles. To qualify, you’ll have to pay a $75 annual fee and get approved by the credit card company.

Other cards even often offer bigger bonuses with a catch. As an example, the Citi Prestige card will provide you with 50,000 mileage points as long as you spend $3000 in the first three months.

Shopping at Specific Retailers for Additional Bonus Points

Many of today’s credit companies offer bonus points when you spend money using their card. But the best companies offer even greater, additional extra points if you shop and make purchases from specific retailers.

Another way to qualify for these extra points is if you have a branded credit card that you get with a popular brand. In this situation, you’ll be able to earn your bonus points a lot quicker. Traditionally, one dollar is the equivalent of one bonus point.

With certain travel related credit cards, you can get as much as five times the bonus points when spending money on your card while shopping at specific retailers.

Low Minimum Spending Limit

With many of today’s credit cards, you are required to reach a certain spending limit in order to qualify for the best bonuses. Some people have come up with ways to fake their spending, but the truth is it’s actually better to reach your bonus with your average day-to-day spending instead of cheating the system.

On average it’s best to sign up for credit cards where their minimum spending requirement is around $1000-$3000, and you’ll have to spend that much between 3 to 6 months.

While some other cards will offer huge bonuses, quite often you’ll have to spend around $10,000-$30,000 in a short amount of time in order to qualify for them.

Annual Fees

Finally, you may want to choose a card that has a relatively low annual fee. Some of today’s top branded credit cards have annual fees that run from $50-$95 each year.

To qualify for the best bonuses, you will have to pay the annual fee. There’s no way around it.


Now that you know all of your options, it’s time to choose the perfect travel related credit card to meet your needs. According to Best Credit Cards Review, best rewards credit card comparison site, “To improve your chances of getting new credit in the future, wait six to 12 months between applications. Above all, use your credit wisely.

So if you’re having trouble getting the perfect travel card, don’t give up.