Choosing The Best PEPPOL Services


The PEPPOL services provider is an essential key to the PEPPOL electronic invoicing network operation.

There will be a point where you need to set up Access Point. It is much better to get help from a trustworthy peppol access point provider.

There’s a chance which you’ve already used an accounting solution that already comes with the PEPPOL or electronic invoicing feature. This software usually includes the built-in PEPPOL integration. However, it won’t work if the AP service does not exist. At that moment, it is not possible to receive and send the electronic invoices.

The same thing goes for when you want to connect to the internet to browse around. You might already have the router. But you can’t connect to the internet without the ISP account.

To get access, it is imperative to subscribe to AP service to join the peppol e-delivery network.

It would be best to consider that the peppol network will continue to update as time goes by. So, 

there will be no one – size – fits – for -all solution. There are some factors to consider before picking a specific peppol cloud services provider for your company.

Focus on the accredited service providers

Keep in mind that accreditation is different from Certification. The Certification is attained after making the registration in the OpenPEPPOL.

The provider will need to be a member of OpenPEPPOL first to attain the Certification.

Meanwhile, the accreditation is authorized by the regional institutions after the strict and meticulous process to ensure the regulated and compliant activities.

There might be some popular providers on the net who claim to have the official Certification. But that does not mean that they have owned accreditation to offer the peppol services in the particular area.

That means that they are the members of OpenPEPPOL since they can show the actual peppol certificate.

But if the providers have owned the accreditation authorized by the official institutes, it will be much better.

Technically speaking, it is also feasible to make use of the peppol format from other regions. However, you need to consider the possible loophole or error that might be happening when you do use the service.

Consider checking out GalaxyGW for further information about this aspect.

The member of OpenPEPPOL

Is the provider you choose the member of OpenPEPPOL? The membership of OpenPEPPOL means that they have nodded to operate regarding the rules and regulations standardized by the officials.

But when it comes to the participants, we need to comprehend that it is different from becoming the AP provider. The members can be everyone from the clients, authorities, organizations, and institutions.

It is also possible to join with the official site membership but not necessarily to become the provider.

To offer the peppol cloud services, the provider should attain the Certification as AP.

Having responsibility in providing the service is already overloaded. That’s also the reason why you want to rely on a trustworthy provider like GalaxyGW to grant you the best peppol services for your company.

The particular service isn’t free. And there might be different kinds of membership that you need to choose. Not to mention that the operations should be compliant with the specific regulations and guidelines in your country. That’s why it is very crucial to explore all of the options first. Consider reaching out to GalaxyGW to aid you out with your best option.

The expertise and experience

The accredited AP in the peppol edelivery network is a tricky part because of each country’s regulations differences. Because of this reason, it is pretty fair to see that many providers have high accreditation, but their solutions might not be suitable for your business demands.

Therefore, you will have a much better chance if you let your case be handled by an experienced and renowned provider like GalaxyGW.

One of the biggest concerns is the slow loadings in sending and receiving the invoices.

Can you scale up the service work?

You have been running startups, small or mid-sized businesses. Either way, you may have started with the low-volume e-invoicing workload.

Some providers offer good services at affordable rates, but the price tags can be whopping up when the workloads increase. The more workloads, the more resources needed.

Free service to microservice can help you to issue a smaller number of invoices on a daily basis. But some providers even share the solution entirely for free. You could use them first for assessing their service or use them for your e-invoicing activities without paying a single dime.

It can be a great way to start turning your invoicing activities into more effective ones.

Beware of the tag “e-invoicing” services offered by many providers you can find on the net. It is not the accurate proposition sounding that they come with peppol network support. Make sure to underline the peppol format. If they don’t provide it, you can skip it.

Is there any data transformation handler?

The standard e-invoices usually come in XML format. However, it is not the peppol format standard because there are different issuers software from one country to another.

To get the processable pieces between your company’s system and the peppol network, you will need successful data transformation.

GalaxyGW will provide an easy method for you so that you won’t need to waste your time and resource transforming the data in batches.

Usually, it works by procuring the APIs to figure out the data. The provider can also utilize the maximum resources to convert the already output into a particular new format.

Making PEPPOL regulated UBL can be a challenging technical approach, especially if the peppol onboarding is new for you. But it will be your least concern. Have a good peppol consulting with GalaxyGW to ensure your requirements of the upcoming project.

The Credentials of the providers

There are dozens of registered AP providers that you can find on the net. But not all of them have the credentials that they can confidently show you.

It is imperative to comprehend the level of skill and services that they can provide to you. Get the answer from the provider about their expertise and experience. A good one will have a good solution that convinces you to use their service.