Choosing the Right Tech Pile for Your Web Applications


A Web application is a client-server computer program that runs in a web browser and can only perform tasks over the internet. Unlike native apps, they cannot be packaged up for distribution and installation on client computers.

Web applications have become so important especially in today’s business environment because they make it possible to do almost everything. It is through them that you can maintain a meaningful communication channel with your potential customers especially for customer support wherever they may be.

They also play a significant role in the branding process through easy and fast distribution of your product information while at the same time offering a competitive advantage in the current competitive business space.

The best web applications to use are those that are tailored specifically for the kind and nature of your business. In this case, you need the right tech to stack up your web application in terms of the language to use, web framework, front-end, database, and host.

With a lot of considerations to make, how do you arrive at the best combination?

Agile Vs. robust

When it comes to tech, you can decide to go with a simple, easy and agile solution or spend time, energy and money on a robust solution. When you are building a web application from scratch, it is good to go with a simple solution because you do not want to spend months on a specification that will give developers a headache to realize it.

It might not only lead to late delivery but run a risk of receiving an obsolete solution.

Taking an agile approach means developing and monitoring a few features at a time while making the necessary changes to minimize the risks.

What do you want to solve?

The reason that you want to develop a web application for your project or business is that you did not want a standard app. It means that you have a specific problem that you want to solve and the tech that you choose should be able to solve just that. It could be that you want to improve on the user experience, speed and performance, security or simply data and system migration.

Knowing this will help you decide on the tech that you are going to use because even Python and nodejs logs cannot solve the same problem.

Should you build a solution from scratch?

Actually, this is not necessary because there are open source technologies that will not only save you time but are also more secure and enables you to concentrate exclusively on things of interest.

The source code of such technologies comes under a license, and they are reliable since they are developed in collaboration with different independent contributors. Examples include OpenStack, PWA, Xaas, Rust and R among others. Consider the source features like nature of code, documentation, starter boilerplates and security before choosing it.


How reliable is the technology both now and in the future? To find out, you need to look at the people and the tools behind the tech, the market lifecycle and the vendor support that it receives. Don’t also forget to find out if you have enough quality developers for the technology or at least if it is easy to learn plus the cost of new recruitments if necessary.

Technologies are fast evolving and those that are new today are likely to be obsolete in 10 years time. As you look for the best tech stack for your web applications, choose the one that will enable easy swapping when that time comes. It should solve your specific problems and highly reliable while at the same time making you feel good about it.