Choosing The Right Tools For The Job; Make Sure You Get It Right!


For anyone just starting to learn DIY it can seem a bit daunting. You probably won’t have much idea what tools you will need and will most likely feel a bit apprehensive about it all, but if you take it one step at a time then you are more likely to be pleased with the result.

There are a few things you really need to get right to ensure your project is safe and also looks good. If you are new to the whole DIY thing then it’s likely you will be purchasing tools for the first time, but what do you need and which job should they be used for?


Well a very basic example would be screwdrivers and screws. Buy yourself a selection of different sizes and tips, then you’ll always have the correct one to hand whether you are using slot-head screws or Phillips/Pozi screws. Using the wrong size will only damage the screw head making it look shoddy or even impossible to remove at a later time. If you want to save yourself a lot of time and effort, you could always go for a rechargeable version which will come complete with a range of interchangeable tips.

You’ll also need a good quality drill that will last for a number of years so opt for a well known trusted make such as Bosch which will be available with a range of drill bits to suit any job you are likely to take on. Use the recommended drill bit to match the job you are doing. For example, if fitting a cabinet to a wall, use the size that matches the wall plugs you are using to ensure a secure and safe fixing.

It really is just a matter of common sense in most cases. Anything you aren’t sure about then ask for advice first or consult the internet where you’ll find masses of information on the subject.