Christopher Lee Shares 6 Effective Ways to Leverage Mobile Technology for Advertising and Marketing


In this article, Christopher Lee, Marketing Manager at WNY Holdings, examines mobile technology’s important role in online marketing. He stresses the ability of mobile technology to reach your target audience effectively. Additionally, he suggests valuable tools and techniques to maximize your marketing efforts.

1. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

Because many of your customers will be using their smartphone or tablet to access your website, your site must be designed to display correctly on small screens. The development techniques for making websites mobile-friendly are commonplace, but older sites may not be compatible with smartphone displays, so check with your website team to make sure yours is easily read on any device or computer.

2. Use short-form content and infographics

When thinking about the content to include on your business website, remember that phone and tablet users are not inclined to read long blog posts. By posting content that falls somewhere between 300 and 500 words, you are more likely to get your message across. Mobile users often abandon longer posts before they reach the end. 

A graphic that uses a combination of images and text to convey the essential points of your message will quickly inform readers and can also include an option to click for more information. These infographics are popular and, if designed correctly, will display well on small screens. 

3. Leverage social media

Regardless of the type of business you are in, you should be using social media to build your brand. Not all social platforms will perform the same for every business type, so depending on whom you are trying to reach, be sure to choose the right platform.

Generally speaking, Snapchat will help you reach a certain age group and Facebook another. Either Facebook or Instagram will let you target consumers, but LinkedIn or Twitter will be more effective if your customers are other businesses.

4. Build a mobile app for your business

Many businesses find it beneficial to offer a mobile device app for their customers. An app can be a great tool to help customers make a purchase or accomplish a task related to your product or service.

A mobile app should offer functionality over and above just providing information about your company. Users still prefer to use a mobile-friendly app for getting information, but they are ideal for making a purchase, establishing an account, adjusting account settings, or requesting customer or tech support. 

5. Use training videos

If your customers can benefit from training about your product or service, mobile device training videos can be an effective tool to build customer satisfaction. Whether you provide a link to a YouTube channel or another platform or embed the video on your website, customers will appreciate a quick and easy method to receive training.

6. Use SMS notification

If used wisely, to avoid being an annoyance, SMS text messages are useful for both inbound and outbound customer communication. SMS can be used to send discount coupons or to notify your customers of special events.

Many customers prefer to use text messages over phone calls. Providing an option to text for additional information or for simple tech support issues will help build your reputation as a tech-savvy company. 

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Christopher Lee is the Marketing Manager at WNY Holdings LLC, a customer-focused digital marketing company that was started in 2018 to provide tailored marketing strategies for small businesses. Christopher Lee assists clients with all their digital marketing needs, from content marketing, web, and graphic design, media creation, SEO, all the way to Facebook advertising.