Cisdem: Best Data Recovery for Mac


At Cisdem, Innovative technology at the core of the system helps make your Mac more efficient, capable, as well as responsive, and even lay the basis for future innovations. Cisdem High System furthermore refines the characteristics and applications you employ each day. It’s Cisdem at its topmost level yet. Be it recovering of your cherished lost data, signing an agreement, changing and also editing PDF files, Digital video disc burning, downloading videos, handling Mac Contacts, getting rid of duplicate files, or perhaps cleaning trash files for the mobile system. Ultimately, our objective at Cisdem has always been, providing flexible and economical tools which make life easier.

So we develop highly efficient Mac software program, and our system has been used by individuals and even business users in more than 100 nations. We do believe that our apps saved your time, efforts as well as money.

The Need for a Data Recovery Software for Mac

Macs are designed to make almost every task easier and more effective. However – there is one thing that even a Mac can not do without a little extra help, and that is free Data Recovery for Mac. No matter how careful you may be using your Mac, the chances of losing your precious data are always there.

You can accidentally or intentionally delete a file. only to realize later that it was important. Any physical damage to multimedia storage, resized or deleted partitions and so on are common scenarios where data loss occurs. On such occasions – you can not just depend on things on your Mac – you need additional data recovery software for Mac as well.

The Benefit Of Mac Data Recovery

Without any built-in tool for a free Mac data recovery, recovering your data is not so easy. However, with the help of a Mac data recovery tool, you can get back your deleted or lost. When a file is deleted from memory, it just does not ‘disappear’. There are ways to retrieve it provided you use the right tool, and that is exactly what is discussed below.

The Best Cisdem Data Recovery For Mac

With the help of Cisdem Data Recovery, you can get back your lost files without much hassle. It is one of the most effective data recovery tools for Mac- and can be used to recover deleted, lost, corrupted, formatted and inaccessible files. It works not only with the internal hard disk of the Mac, but also with any other multimedia storage memory connected to it – including memory cards, smartphones, cameras, USB flash drives etc.

Recover only files you need – this is something that is possible with the preview option. You can select the files you need by previewing them, thus ensuring that your time as well as the storage of your disk is saved by recovering only the necessary files. The tool has several recovery modules to adjust to a particular data loss situation. To add to user convenience, it allows you to pause the recovery process and continue it later as you require from the same scan results.

The Best Mac Data Recovery Software

The best mac data recovery software recovers files in over 550+ formats from any storage device quickly, surely and completely.

Two scan options: Quick scan to recover recently deleted files, and use Deep scan to dig out more files. And you can choose preferred file type to scan: Document, Media, Archive and Universal.

Supports data recovery from the trash, hard disk, memory card, flash memory, digital camera and recorders

Preview before recovery allows you to perform a selective recovery

OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.11 El Capitan and macOS 10.12 Sierra оn iMac, MacBook, Mас Prо, аnd mоrе!

All these features are available in the free version of Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac. Now let’s go and look at the simple steps you have to follow to perform free Mac data recovery.

How to Recover Lost Files with Cisdem Data Recovery

Step 1 Install the Free Mac Data Recovery Tool

To get started with free Mac data recovery, you first need to download the Cisdem Data Recovery installation from the web page and then install it. On the web page, select the option that says Mac and click on the button that says ‘Test Now’. This will download the installation, and you will then be able to install the free Mac data recovery tool.

Step 2 Choose Recovery Mode

Now you will be asked to choose a recovery mode. Let’s start with Lost File Recovery.

Step 3 Choose The Device / Disk / Memory To Be Analyzed

Cisdem Data Recovery Software will then prompt you to indicate where to scan for files. You can select a logical partition on your Mac hard drive or any other external storage device / USB stick connected to it. If the memory you are looking for is not visible in the list, then recollect it to the Mac and click ‘Refresh Memories’.

If there is a specific file type for which you are looking to recover, such as images or videos or texts, then you can choose that from the ‘Select File Type’ drop-down menu. There will also be a box next to the Deep Scan option. With this mode of analysis, the files are recovered with their original folders structures intact. Select it if required – but remember that this is also considerably an increase in analysis time.

Step 4 Preview The Required Files And Select

After completion, all recoverable files found in the selected memory area will be displayed. You have the option to preview the files before retrieving them. You can only preview documents, images and files. Choose the files you need and click on the ‘Recover’ button.

Step 5 Location Recovery

In the final step, the free Mac data recovery tool will take you to the recovery location. It is important that you save the recovered files to a location that is different from the memory from where they were recovered. Failure to follow this can overwrite the files present there and make recovery impossible in the future. Once you have chosen the location, click save and Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac will retrieve the files.

So, no matter how you lose your data – this simple free Mac data recovery technique is all you need to recover your data. However, with all these great features, there is a limitation to using the trial version of Cisdem Data Recovery. You are only allowed to recover 100MB of data using the free trial of Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac Software.