How to Communicate With Web-Development Vendors?

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One of the most important factors for IT project success is communication. Effective communication can be a difficult task, especially when professionals with different work experience, the level of responsibility and authority are involved in the project. The problem is aggravated when the participants belong to different organizations with different styles of work. So how can one find a way for effective communication with web-development teams?

“Like a human being, a company has to have an internal communication mechanism, a ‘nervous system’, to coordinate its actions.” – Bill Gates.

Everything is very simple. You need to put yourself in the developer’s place and understand how they should perceive this or that information that you are trying to convey to him. The quality of communication is determined by how well the two sides understand each other. And, the less time will be spent to understand the interlocutor, the better.

Care for the Interlocutor

Consider this in the e-mail example. Don’t you like it, when the message has no subject, or it does not introduce the problem, too? Believe me, your vendors feel the same indignation when they need to ‘decrypt’ your message in order to obtain the necessary information, wasting time and getting tired. Write or say as you would like it to be written to you: clearly, without unnecessary information. This will show you care about your team.

Hear One Another

In order to be heard, you need also to listen. In business, this rule is important, too. The TechRepublic, for instance, claims empathy and listening to be the traits of a real IT leader. Each employee has their own goals, their needs, and all their activities are aimed at achieving them. In addition, the project itself also has a goal. Thus, it is important to make sure that all goals do not contradict each other or lead to the mutually beneficial results and then the teams will work together and without conflicts. And yet, it is much easier to maintain motivation in employees, which is reflected positively in the results of work.

Track and Reward

Well, you gave the task to your vendor and made sure that it was understood properly. Now, can you forget about communication? Of course no. In any case, you need mutual understanding and cooperation on the project. You should not have understatement and uncertainty while the development process is on the go. And therefore, show your interest about the state of the project more often. Find out what successes the team has achieved, and recognize their achievements. So you can acquire honesty and openness in the team.

Not by Skype Alone

How often do you communicate with the team directly? Technical means of communication have stepped far ahead, but this is not a reason to minimize real-life communication. Sometimes one glance, one gesture is enough to understand things that can not be conveyed in words. Going beyond the limits of online is a way to a completely different level of communication, trust, cooperation. We at Sloboda Studio really appreciate interpersonal communication. So, do not neglect the opportunity to personally get to know the team, inspire and infect them with your enthusiasm and ideas.

Trust Your Team

To build strong relationships with web development vendors one needs to be honest and trust their opinion. Remember why they chose these people for the project. Definitely, they have the experience and professionalism you need so much. Therefore, it is not necessary to monitor each their step. Listen to their arguments and suggestions, however, if any of their suggestions, as it seems to you, contradict your goal, feel free to tell them about it. You must learn to trust each other.

Great Communication Benefits

What is the benefit of proper communication at the projects? Correct communication leads to the following achievements:

  • The work on the project is smooth and measured;
  • Everyone works at their exact areas;
  • People are better involved in the project;
  • The project’s traceability increases;
  • People feel their time and efforts are treated with respect.

So, as the benefits are obvious, it’s time to optimize communication with your web development vendors. Surely, you’ll be satisfied with the result.