Comparium Tool helps for Cross-Browser Website Testing


If you’re a website owner you would know the importance of cross-browser website testing tool. It is a technique that helps you in assessing the functionality of a web application on different browsers.

Can you imagine a day without your mobile? Impossible, right? Same goes for many people across the globe. If all the people visiting your website use the same browser, then you can test the changes manually. But, that is not the case. The increasing popularity of mobiles has given rise to many browsers. So if you want to provide your users with great user experience then you must check your website on different browsers.

Web testing is a daunting task, don’t you agree? You have to check your website on multiple browsers and platforms to ensure that it provides the best user experience. But doing it manually will take lots of time and effort, as a human is performing the web testing manually there are high chances that errors may occur. So with a cross-web browsing tool, you can avoid all these repetitive tasks and get your work done.

Checking your website on different browsers combinations will allow you to detect and rectify the issues and you need to check different combinations before approving any changes. Looking for one such cross-browser testing tool that could make your work easy? Look no more, Comparium is the answer to your search.

Wondering, Why Comparium?

Comparium is a powerful cross-browser website testing tool that helps you in testing your website across different browser and operating system combination. It is a tool that is making a website testing easy like never before. All you have to do is submit the address of the website you want to be tested. Comparium makes web testing simple and easy with its automated test procedure.

Supports different platforms & Browsers

Comparium has launched its first version. Each version of Comparium will provide new features. The first version of Comparium allows you to manage web browser testing on operating system and browsers of your choice. It allows you to perform web testing seamlessly on different browsers, browser versions and popular operating system. Comparium supports operating system such as Windows 10, 7, High Sierra, Mac OS X Mojave and Linux. It also supports browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 8.0, Mozilla Firefox 68.0, 67.0, Google Chrome 75.0, 74.0, 73.0 and Safari 11.0. With Comparium, you can perform both visual compatibility and web page’s browser compatibility testing on different web browsers and platforms.


Wondering how screenshots can help you in cross-browser testing? When people are dealing with a gadget or devices such as computers, laptops, mobiles etc. People encounter problems such as unsupported configurations, etc to solve these difficulties they have to take the help of their specialists, forums, friends etc. But it can become hard to explain your problem. With screenshots, you can easily find the problem and get the solution. Screenshot web testing will help you in understanding the problems and difficulties, a website is going through on different browsers. Comparium marks the server errors, unsupported configurations in grey. It makes it easy to identify the limitations and work on them. You don’t have to wait for hours sitting in front of your device for screenshots to display on the page. As Comparium takes a set of screenshots and sends them directly to your email.

Offline report

Comparium allows you to run the test offline. It saves your time and effort as you don’t have to sit through the process. Once the reports and screenshots are generated offline, they can easily be sent to the concerned person’s email id. You don’t have to spend your time and bandwidth with this tool, all you have to do is enter the URL, choose the browser or operating system and then click on the test button. Once the test is done, the screenshots and results will appear on the new page.

Different versions of Comparium

Comparium has currently launched version 1.0 and with each version, it will be providing users with many new features to enhance the experience. The first version of Comparium is distributed free.


Version 2

In version 2 Comparium is planning to launch new features such as support different browser resolutions, redo screenshots with just one click, comparison of manual and automatic screens, support apple retina website versions and allow users to create a personal account.

Version 2.5

In version 2.5, it is planning to offer new features such as testing on real mobile devices, screenshot captions and markups, testing bulk URLs, test scheduling with email reports, screenshots from different locations, testing at a specific time of the day, screenshot delay and screenshot sharing.

Version 3

In version 3, It is planning to enable features such as testing of localized versions of a web page and autodetection, downloading test results, imitation of low-speed connection, support for different display aspect ratio, history of screenshot versions, real-time testing on a virtual desktop, support custom Selenium scripts, allows to create corporate accounts with roles and permissions and offering integrations with bug reporters and team managers.


If you’re looking for a cross-browser testing platform that will help you in testing and keeping track of your client’s websites performance. Then Comparium is all you need. This convenient web application will allow you to test a website through different platforms with just a few clicks. Have you tested your website through Comparium? No, then you’re losing out on something good. Do it immediately and improve your website’s user experience across different platforms and browsers.