Your Complete Guide to Enhancing Security in Your Business Premises


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There are many risks business owners have to deal with every single day. And one of these risks, if not properly addressed, can spell doom for a business owner – namely, security breaches such as theft, vandalism, and so on. Security is one of the most important aspects any business owner needs to ensure, not only for their own peace of mind, but for the overall safety of their employees. But if you would like to fully enhance the security of your business premises, there are some sure-fire ways to do so. Here, then, is your complete guide to enhancing security in your premises:

1.A CCTV system

With a well-planned CCTV system, you can deter prospective thieves or vandals from entering your premises. Make sure to install a CCTV system not only at the exterior of your premises, but the interior as well. It is worth noting, though, that a single CCTV system is not often enough to ensure your property’s complete security. You have to combine a good CCTV system with other security measures, which are mentioned below.

2. Access control systems

Another way to enhance the security in your premises is to install advanced access control and locking systems. These would include security for both internal and external windows, all doors leading into your premises, as well as fences and gates. Access control is also important, whether you use special codes or badges for employees or simple padlocks which can prevent unauthorised access to sensitive areas.

3.Parking facilities and other points of access

Many facilities’ parking areas are often neglected or not given sufficient attention when it comes to security, but these locations are particularly vulnerable to theft or other instances of crime. You should make sure that your parking area is safe with sufficient lighting, but not only this – make sure to separate visitor and vendor parking areas from employee parking areas so there is less likelihood of any untoward incidents. Your premises’ points of access, such as entrance and exit gates, should be manned 24 hours a day (particularly if you have a warehouse facility) by a skilled and experienced security personnel, such as that offered by Oxford security services experts like Securipol Ltd., or, if this isn’t possible, at least have a video surveillance system installed.

4.The proper lighting

It has already been mentioned that the proper lighting makes a big difference – and this is true not only for your premises’ parking area, but also for all the entrances and exits you have. Additionally, you should install the right lighting for storage areas and perimeter fencing.

5.Access for visitors

Unless you have a retail shop, all visitors to your premises should be thoroughly checked and accounted for. Have your visitors register and sign in, and do this with properly-trained security personnel.