virtual reality


We all believe what we see; we call it’s a reality. We can see the beautiful scenery, objects, humans and almost everything in this world with our naked eyes. Have you ever dream of going to mars, singing with your favorite singers, touching the mountains, etc. well, if you are not an astronaut then you can never go to mars. But wait! There is one possible way which let you do impossible things, see the real world outside the globe and much more. Technology makes impossible things possible. Virtual realities advanced forms of technology make it possible to look at the things which otherwise you won’t be able to see with naked eyes.

Like the real world, virtual reality creates a world of our imagination using the high-performance computers and other equipment like gloves and headsets. The virtual reality is not the myth; it is real. Let’s know more about in brief.

What is VR or virtual reality?

VR or virtual reality means giving your imagination a real look using computers. It is an environment created artificially by software. The environment is interactive, and the two senses that are sight and sound let the individual experience the virtual reality. A 3D image is the simple example of the virtual reality. In simple words, it is like an illusion of a place where you are not present, but your mind is unable to deny the fact. The mind feels that the environment exists in reality because all your five senses are involved in it.

The VR aims to create a total immersion. Our senses experience the environment as if it is real. A complete synthetic world is created which mimic the real world properties. The VR environment exceeds the boundaries of physical reality, i.e., the gravity, material properties and time. For example, you can create an illusion of a space and feel no effect of gravity.
Few key elements can create a complete world of your imagination and let you experience the VR. These features are virtual world, immersion, sensory feedback and interactivity. Let’s know them in brief.

Key elements of VR

Virtual world

The VR world is a 3D environment which cannot be realized through a display or any other medium. In the real world you can interact and touch the objects, but here the imitation of the interaction is responsible for the changes.


It means being physically existed in the non-real world. The total immersion is created when our senses are active, and they create the perception that the no-physical world exists in reality. Mental and physical immersions are the two types of immersion where your mind and body disbelief that what you are seeing and experiencing is not real.

Sensory feedback

Our senses such as vision, touch, hearing and other are stimulated through the sensory feedback. The hardware and software are the key components in achieving the sensory feedback. A virtual reality system includes special gloves; head mounted displays and hand controls.


The natural interaction of VR and user sustain the immersion and experience for long. If the response is not fast enough, then the brain notice it, and the illusion diminishes. For example, suppose you are in a garden created by the VR technology, and as soon as you touch the bird sitting on the tree it flew away. Here, the response is quick, and the imaginary bird reacts to your action. Thus, you feel that the garden is present in reality.

How does it work?

The human brain accepts the things which appear real to it, and hence the VR technology not only makes things real in their appearance but also make the user experience the real feel. A head-mounted display recreates a real look of the 3D object. Motion trackers give the real feel based on the interaction by sensing the motions and movements of the body. The stimulation of the senses helps in the navigation in the VR world.

The three key components of the VR system is PC; head mounted display and input devices. The computer or PC is the primary element as the complete programming of VR world is done on the software. HMDs display the VR content and often accompanied by the headset to offer the sound stimulation. The input devices are joysticks, data gloves, controller wands, motion platforms, etc. that offer the ability to navigate in the VR. It provides a sense of engagement to the person; his brain accepts the content that he sees on HMDs.

Use case example- VR in aviation training

Virtual reality is already in use in the aviation field. The aspiring pilots can experience the flying of the commercial plane in the less crowded or more traffic scenarios. VR allows the beginner pilot experience the dangerous flight training that includes the night-flight or the flying jet in the battle field.


Hundreds and thousands of passenger travel every day and the pilot has the tremendous responsibility of these passengers. The pilot must be experienced in dealing with tough situations. The initial and conceptual training with the help of VR enables the pilot to understand the situation. The simulators have sophisticated computer models that create the scenarios that appear real to the pilot. Hydraulics is also used to recreate the takeoff and landing situation. The VR flight stimulator poses no risk to the pilot and gives him a chance to analyze his ability to tackle the difficult situation.


Every flight is a life-threatening mission for the military pilot. Military pilot experience Very harsh training and they must possess’ unique skill sets and ability to handle the uncertain situations. The VR is helpful in training the army, navy and air force personnel to handle emergencies and deal the battle situations.

The VR technology is undeniably useful in many areas like in commercial industry, game industry, etc. The technology has many huge benefits and offers virtual scenarios to analyze the possible cases in these fields. The future risks and their potential solutions can be found out with VR. On the one hand, it can be used to entertain the viewers whereas on the other hand many critical and crucial results of the future or existing problems can be analyzed with the help of the VR system.