Computers; The Good, The Bad, and The Saftey


Computers, everyone you know, I know, everyone in the whole world knows what they are, but do you know where, and how they came to be? Or why every business relies on them so much?

It was in the early 1930s when the first programmable computer was created. But it was not until 1975 when the first modern computer ever sat in a living room. As crazy as it may seem, that image is almost natural in today’s world.

When and why did we become so used to computers?

The use of the computer, on a regular basis, is important, and by a regular basis I really mean regular (I know people who spend countless hours on one) we shuffle through things, learning, watching videos, reading, shopping online. We as a species have become so dependant on this device.

We trust our computers so much that we store our most personal information in them, passwords, pictures, and even our social security numbers. We depend on this device for so many things! It is the best invention that mankind has created.

With computers, we have the world in our fingertips! I mean it really feels like that! You can browse for so many things, countries, cities, towns! It is an essential tool for any business.

The computer is the most practical device for information that could be in our fingertips, by simply typing a few words, the whole world is in our screens.

And that is exactly the scary part.

We talked about confiding all our information into this device, trusting, almost one hundred percent, that we are safe. The sad truth? Well, just how we have everything in our fingertips, so close yet so far, all our information is also in the fingertips of others.

We might think that nothing bad will ever happen to us, it like riding a bike you never expect to fall flat on your face and lose a couple of teeth, really the worst thing ever, and costs you a lot. Sadly that is just what can happen to us with our security online.

Well for one there are so many temptations in the digital world. From ads that pop up randomly saying you’ve just won a new car (Even though most of us don’t believe it), or other ads popping up saying “HOT SINGLES NEAR YOU” (I’ve heard, never encountered these, really). There are so many things out there catching our attention. Even if you don’t click on any type of ad, sometimes just browsing around the web is dangerous. Downloading files online, opening email attachments, even if they are labeled with big brand names, names that you’re subscribed with, or even just visiting random websites could be enough for the hackers (we said “spies” huh?) to gain access to ALL your confidential information! (I kid you not)

They manage to do this by using spyware, which records your internet browsing. With every click, every keystroke, it collects all your information, everything you do, which can lead to credit card fraud, or worse, identity theft. And all of this without your consent, without your knowledge.

If you want some safety tips you can go here, (, and don’t worry, I’m here to warn you not fraud you, pinky promise.

But really, I mean it has become such a big battle against these vicious hackers that the FBI has taken over! They investigate these cases calling them cyber attacks! And really anyone who has suffered from a cyber intrusion knows that it is not an exaggerated expression. Here’s a link so you can know that even the US government is concerned about it. (

So now that we went through all of this, there’s one question standing, what can we do to avoid cyber intrusion?

Well, there are some ways that you can avoid cyber attacks, for one, you can search the very web and teach yourself about cybersecurity principals, change your passwords regularly, only use trusted websites, use a firewall to your internet connection, download and install every software update for your devices, Install, use and regularly update antivirus and antispyware software on every computer you own.

Or you can entrust your security to IT security services, Cybersecurity brings protection to your internet connected devices. This includes hardware, software and even your data is safe from cyber attacks. There are a few services that you can trust but in my personal opinion, Throttlenet is the best IT security service providers. They have both business and residential services.

So there are the options to stay safe on your computer, the rest? That’s up to you.