Conditions that necessitate SEO audits and what you could expect from it


To determine the health of websites for understanding the prospects of securing high ranks in search results and for increasing visibility, you have to conduct an SEO audit. The purpose of the audit is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your website and to find out ways of improving the SEO campaign to make it more forceful. Once you can identify the areas of improvement, it would be easier to perform well in your marketing campaign.  Although SEO audit is different from the statutory financial and tax audits, there is one thing common to all – it reveals some unexplored truths about the campaign that can bring massive changes for betterment. When you hit the wall with your SEO campaign and unable to figure out the way ahead, doing an SEO audit will provide valuable insights for improvement.

The most important contribution of SEO audits is that it provides insights that are not only real but also actionable. SEO York Services conduct SEO audits for its clients that empowertheir business.  The power of SEO audit is so much that it accurately reveals various performance parameters that usually escapes attention.  Only when you can conduct SEO audit correctly that you would know which things are working well for you, which aspects of the campaign are holding you back and receive guidance for charting the way ahead for improving rankings that could generate more leads.

The scope of SEO audits

SEO audits can vary in depth and complexity depending on the business needs and the way the SEO campaign shapes up. However, the overall objective of SEO audits is the same – to unearth data that points to the real health of the website just like the pathological or radiological tests does for the human body.  Only the way of implementing the audit and its complexities can change.

In general, SEO audits would cover the aspects of on-page optimization, the flow of traffic to the website, overall keyword strategy, content strategy, backlink profiles, and analytics. The audit would reveal the capabilities of your site and depict how well it could fare in SEO. It would also bring to light the untapped potential as well as the weaknesses so that you could work on it to make improvements. It also flags up the critical issues of your campaign that needs special attention.

SEO audits for overcoming campaign stagnation

While implementing SEO campaigns, stagnation is the worst fear of marketers. If your marketing campaign has reached a plateau and even the best efforts to improve it are not working, it could leave you frustrated as the campaign has reached a stage of stagnation. To come out from the glut and get directions on the way to move forward, it is essential to conduct an SEO audit. The audit will study every process of the campaign in details and figure out the impending elements besides providing a route map for making advancement.  It would also point out the strengths so that you can build upon it. The information you gather from the audit becomes the blueprint for progress provided you conduct the audit in the right way.

Purpose of SEO audits

SEO audits are like forensic examination of your website that reveals the inner picture of the site in an entirely different light.  The audit not only identifies problems but provides solutions too. Most SEO audits would serve the following purposes.

  • Ascertain the overall health of website – The audit would help to understand the power of the site to attract traffic by comparing it with the industry benchmark. It would unearth the incidences related to changes in the bounce rate, the engagement time and changes in referrals that could be concerning for the website.  The audit would highlight the problems that the site faces and needs further investigation by the SEO team. The audit would provide an overall analysis of the website, social media profiles, anchor text, internal linking structures, sitemaps, and citations. Technical elements like the hosting features, server metrics, downtime and caching that affect site speed could also be a part of the scope of the audit.
  • Identify potential dangers and threats – If your website has attracted Google penalty earlier or adapt questionable SEO practices, an SEO audit could help to get rid of the unhealthy practice. Since the SEO best practices keep changing frequently, some of the outdated practices could land you in trouble. SEO audits are helpful in pointing out the deficiencies that could attract penalties, or red flags and experts can advise ensuring that the SEO campaign steers clear of any controversies.
  • Competitive audits–Conducting competitive audits provide in-depth information concerning the competition. It is a step ahead of assessing the general health of the website and measuring its performance against industry benchmarks. It would allow you to know where you are falling short in comparison to your competitors. Either the competitors are doing something better that you are not doing and can emulate, or you come to know that they are not following the best practices that give you a clear edge in competition.  You could make use of opportunities that you had overlooked earlier.
  • Know if by penalties and negative SEO attacks hit you – If you find a steady decline in website traffic but unable to unearth the cause, conducting an SEO audit could help to the know the reason behind it. The audit would reveal if the website has attracted any Google penalty or some algorithm updates have affected it and indicated the remedies. It would also point out if any negative SEO attack has struck the website.

Do it yourself or hire professional services – the decision is yours. It is possible to conduct SEO audit on your own by referring to some online guidelines that help to manage audits. However, you should be capable of handling it and have proper knowledge and expertise in SEO. Remember that the audit should not only identify strengths and weaknesses but also come up with solutions to strengthen SEO.