Convert Your Files From PDF Format Using GoGoPDF: Free And Easy


You can convert your PDF files to Word, PPT, JPG, Excel, PNG, PDF/A. These formats are unique and have their own needs and functions. These formats’ primary usage is needed for work, business, school, or any personal agenda. Making your files better to manage and precise converting to their specific formats.

With GoGoPDF, you can convert your PDF files to Word, PPT, JPG, Excel, PNG, PDF/A. GoGoPDFis an online platform that offers a tool for your PDF needs such as converting, merging, splitting, compressing, locking and unlocking, etc. The tools are easy to utilize, and it’s free. Here, you will see how to convert your PDF files to their specific formats.

Converting PDF to PDF/A

To preserve your PDF documents, you can convert them to PDF/A, making them accessible, protected, and secured at any time. Changes will not manipulate the structure of PDF/A from any changes in the incoming years. PDF/A format will embed all of your data and material in your PDF documents permanently.

Converting your PDF to PDFA with GoGoPDF, you only have to select or drag and drop the files to GoGoPDFconversion box. Then, GoGoPDFwill scan your documents, and the conversion process will start. Once done, your PDF/A formatted file will be available for download, and you can save it on the cloud. With your PDF/A on your device, you do not have to worry about your information that you hold for the coming future.

Converting PDF to Word

DOC and DOCX are types of formats used for word processing. Many people generally use it for documentation, reports, journals, transcriptions, etc. Compared to PDF format, DOC and DOCX make copying and editing more accessible and faster. DOC and DOCX may also contain images, alignments, hyperlinks, etc.

Since GoGoPDFhas Solid Network as its partner, your PDF files will have all the texts, lists, header, footer, tables, table of contents, hyperlinks, and such when you convert them into DOC and DOCX. Also, scanned and printed documents will be reconstructed and turned into a Word file.

Converting PDF to Excel

The format of excel is composed of rows and columns, and Excel formats involve formulas to make calculations and analysis of data. This type of structure is essential in different work types such as research, statistics, business, etc. Excel will help you make and get data and information in a condition that is limited in a PDF format.

To make your files accurate and precise, you convert PDF to Excel format, and Solid documents also support GoGoPDF. To convert your PDF into Excel, you only have to follow simple steps. By just selecting the file you want to be converted, GoGoPDFwill scan your documents and turn them into Excel format. The file will be available for download once it’s done.

Converting PDF to JPG

JPG format is used for your digital image documents. JPG is used for editing and printing, which you can hardly do in a PDF format. JPGs are mainly used in digital cameras and such. Also, JPGs are primarily used in social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., making it easier to view than a PDF format.

You can convert PDF to JPG easily with GoGoPDF. To convert your PDF to JPG or JPEG, only select or drag and drop the files from your device to the conversion box. GoGoPDFwill then start the conversion process and produce the highest possible quality for your images. Once the conversion process is finished, your JPG or JPEG file will be available for download, and you can save it on your drive or the cloud.

Converting PDF to PPT

Powerpoints contain images, texts, sounds, multimedia, etc. PPT format is made for presentations in school, business, work, and so on. When using PPT format, it is better to edit and alter your presentations since PDF format is limited.

Using GoGoPDF, converting your PDF to PPT is accessible by selecting the file or dragging and dropping them into the conversion box. GoGoPDFwill scan your PDF and convert them into PPT and be available for download, and you can save it on your drive or cloud.


Converting your PDF files to their specific formats will make you work more accessible and smarter when you use GoGoPDF. You can use GoGoPDF anytime and anywhere with only a stable internet. GoGoPDF supports all major operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Linux. And you can use it on any device.