Converting Traffic into Customers


There is a thought that says that the companies, which take an approach that is more structured towards conversion optimization, are more likely to achieve a larger increment in sales. With this, you would think that more companies would run and test experiments on their conversion rates. You might be surprised to know that 61 percent of companies actually do 5 or fewer tests each month.

If one is just starting to get the idea that conversion optimization is important, they should keep their eye on traffic. All data can be surmised by traffic. In simple terms, this means page views, sales, the website rank etc. If you succeed in generating a good amount of traffic, you’re one step closer to getting more customers

Fewer Options to Click

The majority of the visitors on pages of sales will do everything to divert themselves from purchasing the product. Typically, these customers will be browsing to read about something, click on the other brands that are mentioned in the page, watch a video, or click on other navigation tabs that you may give. Therefore, it can be safe to conclude that in many cases, having more stuff to click on the website ultimately helps in losing the potential sales. Instead, you should have one targeted focus for those visitors who are on that landing page.

Website Building

Building a business website demands experience and a considerable amount of time. It is not as simple as creating a personal blog. Even if you require eCommerce to receive payments from customers, or just need your website to be more interactive, you should consider using website builders.

Using a website builder is cheaper and easier than hiring a web developer. You don’t even require any coding knowledge! Consider using a website building service like GoDaddy or Wix & you can get some pages up with ease.


If you have quality products on the website but zero leads, then your business will not make it too long. You must start generating leads. Offer incentives that allow users to sign up for special deals. You can then very easily send out emails with every new product that you release. With these leads, you will start generating more prospective customers and create a loyal following. Rome wasn’t built in a day – neither is your business website. Try different things, and if one thing doesn’t work, don’t worry.