These Corporate-Culture Qualities Can Help You In Life, Too


These Corporate-Culture Qualities Can Help You In Life, Too

Everything that is good in the world is supported by causes and conditions. Plants need soil, sun, and water to create food. Businesses need capital, labor, and a market to flourish.

This applies to you, as an individual, too.

Entrepreneur and business adviser Scott Vollero previously talked about the qualities necessary for creating a good corporate culture. And many of the qualities that you learn are good for corporations are also important to apply for individual success. After all, what are cultures if not combinations of people learning to live together harmoniously?

Here are some additional ones Vollero recommends all business people should pick up. Their interactions have a multiplier effect on success.

Sales and marketing

Even if you are not in a sales and marketing position, learning how to do it can have profound effects for the rest of your career. For instance, if you can learn to sell your benefit to a company to your bosses, you can get higher raises. And if they don’t give you that raise you can market yourself to other companies who are willing to pay you what you deserve. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Continuing education

If you never stop learning, you’ll be able to capitalize on new opportunities when they come by. You have to back up your sales skills with ability. Every job has a learning curve, but some positions are just impossible to get without some way to demonstrate your skills. Traditionally this is a credential or a certification, but it can also be a project or an oral examination in front of potential peers.


Networking really is its own skill. It’s about making friends and gaining exposure in your industry.

While it is related to sales and marketing, it’s not quite the same. We’ve all met people who meet us and immediately launch into a sales pitch or self-promotion. We find those people churlish. Good networking creates a human connection between two people that can, later, support these things. It takes time, and you have to be interesting to your peers as well.

Bringing the Three Together

Continuing education and networking help you choose who to sell to and what you need to say to impress a potential client. Networking and sales can unlock new educational opportunities. Just ask any student who has tried to apply for scholarships or sought out a particular program of study. And networking helps you know who to know in order to advance your career. you can try online programs at RMIT university which are designed to get you ahead faster.

These three skills form a golden foundation for all other business skills. They are they keys for getting around gatekeepers to people and knowledge. Your desired path and niche may determine which one you’ll need to lean on more, but all three are needed.

And finding someone with skills in all three is rarer than you might think. That fantastic IT worker may have a great education, but has trouble talking with others. The salesperson may not have the background to convince the educated individual about the merits of a product. The manager might be able to make friends with coworkers but can’t sell them on an idea. If you observe CEOs, good ones have all three of these in abundance. They can’t afford to miss any opportunities.

Take an honest look at yourself and see how well your skills are in these three areas. If you are completely lacking in one, start there and then build yourself up. Once you have attained some skill in all three, start applying what you’ve learned. You’ll be surprised how many new opportunities you can notice.