Creating a Friendlier Office Atmosphere


Most people spend their adult lives working for around 9 hours a day. The environment they work in impacts their work, creativity, and productivity. Because of this, managers and business owners are encouraged to create a friendly office and working environment. This removes some of the seriousness often associated with these environments and helps people relax. Relaxed employees perform better and interact with their fellow employees in a friendlier manner which is best for everyone in the office. Below, we will look at some of the ways in which managers can help encourage and create a friendlier office environment.

Promote Respect

Respect between everyone in an office is one of the best ways to create and maintain a friendly office environment. Everyone in an office has a different personality which could lead to clashes between employees. Encouraging, and in some extreme cases demanding, respect among employees is a good way to ensure these clashes do not happen, keep the peace and foster respect among employees.

In order to encourage everyone to respect each other, you need to create an environment where employees value each other’s opinions. If employees do not value each other’s opinions, they will dismiss the employees who have those opinions and this could lead to a toxic office environment. 

Encourage Team Building

Team building is a good way to encourage social interactions between employees and it is these social interactions that help create a friendly working environment. When employees are working as a team, goals become easier to achieve. The issue that arises occasionally is how to maintain the team spirit. This can be done through collaboration between employees and delegation of tasks by team leaders. Doing both makes employees feel they are part of something bigger, which makes it easier for them to work together, thereby creating a friendly office atmosphere. 

Allow Some Personalization

To increase productivity, it is always a good idea to allow employees to personalize their workspaces. Although there will be some items provided by the company like the chair and workspace, allowing employees to bring some of their own items is a good way of creating a friendly working environment. For example, managers could let employees bring some of their favorite books into their office or even some pictures they like. If an employee has a personal office space, adding some game figures of popular characters like the Joker and Sonic not only creates a friendlier office environment, but the figures can also be a gateway into great conversations.

Give Feedback

Employees want to feel they are being seen and that their work is being valued. Managers would do well to know what each employee is doing and provide feedback where they can. If a manager cannot do this, they can have someone else in the company do it for them. When giving this feedback, it should come from a respectful place so the employee does not feel like they are being reprimanded. It is also important to listen to what the employee has to say and to keep the lines of communication open so the employee can feel they are being heard. 

Believe in Everyone’s Abilities

If a manager wants their business to run smoothly, they should trust their employees to do the right thing. Having faith in employees allows them to do their best work without feeling they are being pushed or pressured to hit certain milestones. When a manager does this, employees have a better opinion of them which gives no room for toxic feelings to fester in the organization.

Creating a friendlier work environment is the best way to improve productivity among employees. A friendly working environment is often created through fostering personal connections encouraging a team spirit and encouraging respect among everyone in the office.