Creating Presentations on your Tablet Isn’t Hard Work


How to create presentations  on your tablet

“Tens of millions of tablets would be in use in America’s workplaces by 2015”, says news agency the New York Times. And true enough, a survey of 1,641 business IT buyers by ChangeWave, an independent research firm, has revealed that most businesses either have or are planning to have tablets now.

Tablet usage in business, however, still remains to be basic. About 73% of business professionals who own a tablet use it to browse the Internet, whereas 69% use it to access their email. But what is rather more interesting in the survey results are telling figures of “complex” tablet usage in business. According to ChangeWave, 46% of businesses use tablets to access customer relationship management or CRM tools via the cloud. Another 45% of them use tablets for business or customer presentations.

Not too impressive for a tablet, huh? Now, remember that having a tablet in exchange for a laptop PC ultimately forgoes having a keyboard, a full-sized screen, and most of all software that makes creating business presentations a walk in the park. Imagine making presentations with tables, pies, charts and all. Now, that has got to be “labor of love”, undying dedication and nothing else.

Thankfully, there are a lot of presentation apps available in the app market. Check out some of the best we’ve listed below:

IncStage Presenter

IncStage Presenter is a mobile presentation app that works on Android devices and can be downloaded on Google Play for $6.99. It allows you to create presentations from scratch or edit existing files even when you’re on the road. IncStage Presenter also automatically adjusts to the size of your mobile device’s screen, inserts videos or photos, and can be exported as a PDF, PowerPoint or JPEG file.


MightyMeeting works on most iOS and Android OS devices. Using the service requires you to pay a little less than $5 a month for file storage. And since it runs in the cloud, mobile workers or road warriors can use this app to give presentations and play demo videos using their mobile devices. MightyMeeting also features real-time presentations during video conference calls and auto-connection to a screen projector.

Mobilecast for Microsoft PowerPoint

You can use Mobilecast for Microsoft PowerPoint for a cheap price of $1.99. This app is compatible with almost all operating systems including iOS, Android and Blackberry OS, and Windows. And although it does not allow you to create or edit presentations unlike others on this list, Mobilecast allows you to stream business presentations from the corporate boardroom’s centralized desktop or laptop PC.

Quickoffice Pro HD

You can avail of the entire Quickoffice Pro HD suite for your iOS or Android gadget for a reasonable price of $19.99. Since Quickoffice Pro HD is compatible with the Microsoft Office software, it allows you to create, edit and display .ppt presentations. This mobile app is specifically designed to work well on most handheld tablets. Quickoffice Pro HD also automatically syncs your files across multi-platform devices.


SlideShark is tailor-made for creating PowerPoint presentations on the iPad. To use the service, you first need to register for a SlideShark account. Unlike other document creation apps, SlideShark preserves all of the contents of your .ppt file, including graphics and animations. Files created using SlideShark can be opened and shared using email and other cloud-storage apps and can be downloaded straight to your mobile device.

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