Is CRM A Necessity For Small Businesses?


How beneficial are CRM systems to small businesses? Do they bring enough to the table for you to consider the purchase of the CRM software license?

Does Your Small Business Need A CRM?

A CRM or a Customer Relationship Management system is a tool large enterprises tend to use for automation of sales and marketing processes. CRM’s are an efficient business enhancement when it comes to large scales, enormous amounts of leads and prospects, etc.

Sounds great right? But, as any other software license, CRM apps can prove to be rather expensive. Are they worth your buck if you are a small business owner or a standalone entrepreneur?

I won’t be stretching this out right now. The real true answer is – probably not. Spending money on a CRM if you are a Small Business owner is worthless. Especially given there are lots of great free CRM app examples out there.

What’s the difference?

What is the difference between free and premium CRM systems? The one’s you buy for money are better, obviously, but not in a technical way.

Premium apps usually have free versions that include the same functionality, database and features. A free version is simply limited in functionality.

This means that you will have a limited supply of possible data entries. You will have room for several hundreds of emails instead of an unlimited storage. You won’t have access to some quality of life features that are not that useful but simply make work easier.

So, basically, with a Customer Relationship Management, you only pay for comfort and some flexibility for Enterprise-level challenges. Its functionality is free in most cases.

And if there’s something us, young entrepreneurs, love more than free business improvements – it’s a decent challenge. A free Customer Relationship Managementshall  combine both.

The benefits

Now that we are settled on this, it’s time to talk about what do Customer Relationship Management apps bring to the table. This way you will be able to find out whether the software is even worth your while.

  • A CRM will allow you to understand the needs of your clients. That’s how you make smart marketing decisions based on facts and analysis instead of a hunch. You will, for example, know for granted the time limits when most sales are done. This means you will be able to exclude discounts from there and put them to a better use.
  • You will know your leads better. You shall have their phones, emails and social media profiles stored in one handy place. Knowing their birthday, for once, and making them know you appreciate them as clients with a random post card will ensure their everlasting loyalty.
  • ACRM isn’t just for you. Some enable self-service options for your clients through which they can, for example, order your product and track it’s shipping later on. This is a major time saver as it probably cuts the half of all time you invest into calls and emails. And you will also cut some corners on your support desk expenses.

These are rationally the largest benefits CRM apps offer to small businesses. Given that they are pretty much free, you should at least give them a try.