With each passing day, businesses are becoming more complex and hard to manage without the help of tools, especially when it comes to management. Gone are the days when management can take decision intuitively. It’s now high-time for business to adopt tools that can help them understand their business and make decisions based on data and facts.

In this article, we will go forward and review Crosscap, a marketing management company that offers a wide range of management software. For starters, they provide marketing calendar software, Retail Signage software, planning software and much more. To better understand what they have to offer, let’s go through the list of software that they have to offer.

Marketing Calendar Software

Marketing calendar software lets you handle omni-channel marketing plan with ease. It works in a way such that both the external and internal stakeholders can contribute and work with the marketing plan. So, if you are looking for a marketing calendar software, your search ends here!

The biggest advantage of using the marketing calendar software is to ease of use. It offers easy navigation with the help of “CrossGap Go To” commands. These simple navigation capabilities can help you engage with the business plan more effectively.

With the marketing calendar, you can also manage your team’s calendar. As a manager, this is a great tool to keep up with the team and what they are working on. You can also attach briefs and other important marketing assets for others to work on. In short, you can customize your business plan and have a great control over the whole team at different access.

Retail Signage Software

Keeping your business strategies to use is what makes Crosscap amazing. Retail Signage software comes with a comprehensive in-store marketing suite. The suite is built keeping multiple things in mind. For example, it helps centralize all store profile together. The suite also helps you to store and extract information easily which in return help to maintain accuracy over the costs and production quantities.

With it, any business can easily allocate and fulfill the demands and keep the market stock. Not only that it also helps track the assets across the store.

Promotional Planning and Proofing

The next three software that we are going to discuss falls under Promotional planning and proofing.

Promotions are integral part of any organization. That’s why Crosscap comes with software that helps you do proper planning and proofing.

Promotion Management:  Promotion management enables you to require to do promotions related to marketing and merchandise.

With this, you can easily plan and execute your omni-channel promotions. You can change tracking related to different aspects of planning including approval process, notifying stakeholders and much more.

Online Proofing: With this tool, you can do proofing for different workflows in your organization. That means you can do a collaboration, define workflow, maintain history, and provide reporting whenever needed. It also supports version management and enough context to make easy decisions.

Project Management: Last, but not the least is the project management. With project management, you can control every aspect of the project including discussion, collaboration and information sharing. The single interface is easy to setup and work with. The manager can also monitor the progress and routine tasks accordingly.


Crosscap is working towards a better future where businesses can work efficiently and effectively. They provide solutions for almost every aspect of business. If you are curious about them, you can visit their website to know more. You can also decide to request a demo to understand what they have to offer.

So, what do you think about them? Will you Crosscap a try? Comment below and let us know.