Data Recovery Wizard – Step-By-Step File Recovery Guide


The data recovery wizard is very easy to install and use. In fact, the program offers a wizard-based interface that even beginners can use to restore photos instantly.

The following guide shows that this is true. Let’s get started!

Download the data recovery wizard from the EASEUS Software website. The file you download is called “”. The download should be quick as the installer is full and is only 4.59 MB.

Now double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation. A welcome window will ask if you want to continue. Click on Continue”.

The easiest way to create the next window is to use the default installation settings. Click “Next” in all windows of the installation program. When you see the last dialog box, check “I want to create a desktop icon,” “I want to start the data recovery wizard” and click “Finish”.

That’s it! The program is installed and ready for use. The icon is on the desktop.

Now restore the files.

Click on the “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free” desktop icon. The following window is displayed.

As you can see, the program gives you several ways to recover files depending on the problem that made them go away. Suppose we lost an image file, and it happened because of a silly mistake – we deleted it from the trash and then emptied it. It is best to click on a large button called “Deleted Recovery”. Come on, let’s do it!

And you see this beautiful window above. You can now view all the storage media available on the computer. In our case these are 4 partitions with the names “C:”, “D:”, “E:”, “F:” If the deleted file is on the “C:” partition, we click on it to select it. It is also possible to search for the file in the specific folder of this partition (see: “Search the specified folder” button above), that is, of course, if you remember the file in which the file was saved. Now click on “Next” and off you go!

Scanning is almost complete. In fact, it’s 7% to 11% faster than other data recovery software. Once the analysis is complete, the following dialog box will appear.

The files found are displayed in the form of a list. If necessary, you can switch to the thumbnail display mode. These are displayed as thumbnails. For each file, you can view the name, size, file type, modification time, creation time, and last accessed date, attribute, and status. And of course, you can see what you can actually get if you are a registered user. By registering, you can unlock the ability to restore files and save them to a location of your choice

As you can see, recovering files using the Data Recovery Assistant is VERY easy and does not require any special technical skills or knowledge. If you have a problem, you can use the help system, which you can access by clicking “Help” at the top of the user interface. We have used a simple situation here as an example. With the same simplicity, you can recover data from hard disk in more serious situations, such as B. If the partition is formatted.

Now you can do the following:

1. Download the data recovery wizard to test the free data recovery yourself.

2. Buy the data recovery wizard online to recover files.

3. What our customers say

The data recovery wizard has helped many users to recover their files. Here’s what they say:

“Hello! I would like to thank you for the fantastic software. Three of my hard drives were defective in succession due to defective hardware. Each was defective for different reasons. As you can imagine, I was devastated. J. Also accidentally formatted one and thought the data was gone forever. Nevertheless, your software successfully repaired all three drives “I would like to thank you for creating this good software. It has recovered literally 7 years of lost data. I am a programmer (software developer) and a freelancer. I mistakenly have two of my RAID 0 drives at 7 years old. I have 2 other software tried before I came to yours and yours.