Data Theft In The UK and How It Is Affecting You and Your Business

data loss

We all know about thieves don’t we? They are the guys who come into your home or business and take what doesn’t belong to them. But were you aware that there are thieves out there that steal other things rather than physical possessions. There are those that can and will steal your identity and it may have happened to you and you are still not aware of it. It is only years down the line when you learn that your personal details have been used to circumvent the law and you may be in trouble. A lot of people go to their ATM only to find that their account has been cleared out and they certainly didn’t do it. If this happens then you are a victim of identity theft.

Everyone Is At Risk

This is all done electronically, so there is very little that you, personally, can do to stop it. You need to take precautions and the list of precautions gets bigger all the time as the thieves improve their methods of stealing. Businesses also fall foul to this kind of theft and they are open to theft even more so. They deal with thousands of business transactions every day with bills, receipts and all kinds of business documents coming in and going out all day, every day. There are paper copies, but there are also soft copies as well and this digital data is ripe for stealing if the thief can get an opportunity.

Take Control

Digitally stored date can be a great threat to any company because if this data is recovered by an outside influence and is then manipulated or copied, then it can be used to extract money from your company. That is why a data destruction service in Exeter must be availed of and must be a general part of your company’s policy. This way you have more control of what kinds of information leaves the office and data destruction is left in the hands of a company who know what they are doing. If you try to do it yourself, you will most likely do it incorrectly and leave yourself open to attack.

Many Benefits

The benefits of outsourcing your date destruction are many, not least that you have the peace of mind knowing that the right and qualified people are taking care of your data destruction correctly and that everything that you want wiped out is really wiped out and not hidden in the memory somewhere. You can be assured of confidentiality at all times and that any sensitive information does not go out the parameters of your company. By letting someone else do this job for you, you have more time to concentrate on your business and generate profits and these professionals will dispose of your data faster and more efficiently that you could.

A data destruction service offers you the most up to date and secure methods of data disposal that is totally compliant with the UK business law. It is reasonably priced and for a small sum, you get peace of mind and you can’t put a price on that.