Design Tips For Your Business Website


You may not be a professional in digital design, but you can learn enough about the skill set to build a successful website by simply taking the time for research.  The web has everything you need to know to get your pages noticed by the right consumers.  

Build a website that will thrust your business into the digital spotlight with design tactics that turn heads.  Here is a brief compilation of a few design tips that will get you started on your web design journey.  

Make your site easy to find

Designing with search engine optimization at your foundation will help you to create digital content that displays higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages) when web users are looking for the type of products or services your business offers.  

Search engines sort digital content for users in a split second, and their algorithms seek out some very specific things within the design of each page it considers.  Learning the basics of SEO will help you give the search bots just what they’re looking for in a number one ranking.  

Make it easy for users to move

Navigating your digital design is something web users will need to instinctively know how to do.  Think about this factor as you build.  Add a stationary navigation bar for the utmost simplicity in movement throughout your website.  

This site for art and painting supplies shows just how useful adding stationary navigation can be.  When web users know how to move forward in their hunt for input, they will.  

Design with mobile users in mind 

You can’t overlook the dominating presence of mobile users online.  If you want your website to serve a range of users, it should be built to function with ease on today’s mobile devices.  

Speedy loading, display sizing adjustments, and smaller spurts of textual information will help mobilize your business website.  Dig into the details of what makes a site right for mobile, and take the time to consider how your design compares. 

Create pages that load quickly

Patience is not a virtue present in most of today’s web users, and they won’t wait around for your website to load.  It’s vital that your website loads within just a few seconds of landing.  

You’ll miss out on valuable connections if they never get a chance to see what your organization has to offer.  Invest in speed and high quality images when setting up your website, and you’ll see a better response.  

Encourage communication with your design

Use your design to encourage communication.  Get users to sign up for your email list with a compelling call to action.  Add a simple contact form to your web design, and work on a good “Contact Us” page for users to explore.