With the changing times and increasing competition companies are coming up with multiple products to serve unique purposes of individuals and companies. Having said that, we mean, there is no straight jacket for all, if you really want to make a cut above the rest in your niche market. All those put together indicates that customization is the need of the hour. That’s precisely how breakaway and non-breakaway lanyards have come up in the market. But, the real challenge here is whether you should go for top breakaway lanyards or the most sold non-breakaway lanyards. Well, in order to decide that you must know the difference between the two in the first place.

  • Durability: Durability of lanyards is important since it is an everyday wear and you can hardly afford to invest time and money to buy lanyards on a regular basis. On this parameter, breakaway lanyards are delicate compared to its’ counterpart non-breakaway lanyards. Therefore, on the durability parameter, you can well presume that the most sold non-breakaway lanyards are a step ahead of the top breakaway lanyards. It better clarifies why people mostly buy this non-breakaway lanyard.
  • Longevity: Non-breakaway lanyards have a longer life than others in its class with a high tensile strength. Therefore, a non-breakaway lanyard doesn’t break away easily, making it more usable. On the flip side, a breakaway lanyard is delicate at the clip that connects your ID card with the lanyard which makes it more prone to wear and tear.
  • Economy: For everything you have a budget be it your home or the office. One has to keep in mind the cost incurred and the benefits received . That way non – breakaway lanyards are cheaper than the breakaway lanyards as they have less wear and tear.
  • Safety: You should know that the breakaway lanyard has a special feature that upholds the wearers’ safety in the first place. For instance, if your lanyard gets stuck within an automatic door lock it breaks away and the wearer remains unhurt whereas non – breakaway lanyards get stuck in such situations and may hurt the person wearing it.
  • Aesthetics: Some people opine that they prefer to wear non-breakaway lanyards as they are aesthetically better than the breakaway lanyards.

In short, it is your ingenuity vis-à-vis the lanyard usability that will guide you whether you should go for the top breakaway lanyards or the most sold non-breakaway lanyards. Think of all the factors mentioned above and then make a choice which suits you and your staff the best.