Different Franchise Opportunities To Make Money in 2018


The global burger market is valued at about $135 billion. In this market, there is an array of investment opportunities you can take advantage of. As a whole, the burger industry seems to be growing in revenues and profitability compared to other industries. However, when you closely examine the goings on in the industry, you will realize that there are trendsetters and laggards.

Before you invest in burger franchise opportunities, it helps to look at what the industry has and match the openings with your preference. For instance, you may want franchises that deal in native flavors or those that incorporate exotic flavors. To make a long story short, below are some opportunities worth considering if you are serious in investing in this space in 2018.


This is the heavyweight in burger franchises. Currently, it is present in more than 37,000 locations with 13,109 franchised in the US and 18,827 outside the US. On its own, McDonald’s runs 5,075 franchises.

The disadvantage with big companies is usually the slowness with which they embrace change. However, McDonald’skeeps up with the times and quickly moves towards customer preferences. It is worth your money.

Burger King

This is another massive fast food hamburger chain operating in more than 15,000 locations. It has the advantage of being one of the oldest in the market, therefore trusted by many. In 2006, Burger King went public, meaning it is not just accountable to the franchisees, but also to the general public. Over time, it has formed strategic alliances with other chains giving it a solid footing in the industry.

Checkers and Rally’s

Checkers and Rally’s started as two separate companies. Checkers came into existence in 1986 in Mobile, Alabama while Rally’s was founded in 1985 in Louisville, Kentucky. The two companies merged in 1999 and established their headquarters in Tampa, Florida. Checkers and Rally’s stocks burgers, chicken, classic wings, fry love, chill stop, and drinks. Currently, it operates in 851 locations and owns 284.


This fast food hamburger chain was founded in 1969 and it has been running successful franchising since 1971. If there is something Wendy’s is well known for, it is its sea salt fries, square burgers, and thick frosty dairy dessert. The company has also been running effective ad campaigns, with more than 800 commercials. This has helped in establishing the brand as one of the market leaders. Currently, it operates in more than 6,500 locations.

Jack in the Box

Initially started as Topsy’s burger in the 1940s, Jack in the Box became a known brand starting from the 1950s. it expanded throughout southern California and then to the Southwest. Its menu features 13 different burger options with fewer changes over time. The company has more than 35 years of active franchising, and currently it operates in 2,250 locations of which 394 are company owned.

Other burger franchise opportunities worth considering in 2018 include Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr., Five Guys Burger & Fries, Whataburger, Johnny Rockets, Smashburger, and Fatburger.