If you are wondering how to save money on your phone and what is the best value for your phone then let us tell you that there are 4 different kinds of phone payment systems. Choose the best one that suits you.

1. Pay as you go

this is a prepaid system where the consumer buys a credit which can be spent in many ways. Consumer as to pay money in advance to obtain the credit for using the phone. One lay back with this kind of payment system for mobile phone is consumers will not get value for the money they pay, but the good side of it is consumers do not have to make any long term commitment and can recharge their phone with top ups of the amount they like and whenever they want. Top ups can be done online, at retail stores, cell phone points, over the phone, at network stores, super markets etc. so consumers can choose a network where they have the liberty of pay as you go payment method.

2. SIM

the other kind of mobile phone payment is the SIM only type where the consumer only pays for SIM card contract usually which will be for a period of 1 year. The advantages with this type of phone payment is the value for minutes, data usage and texts all are quite good, however the disadvantage is that there is no flexibility. The deal available for consumers is only of two types that is either one month deal or a contract that is of full price and duration. SIM only users pay their bill at month’s end at a store or over the phone or by direct debit.

3. 1 month deals

These are similar to the above SIM only payments. It is only for 1 month. One true advantage consumers have with this is the flexibility of the contract. Consumers can cancel it with a prior notice of one month. However they do not get the same value like the SIM only deal. These are billed after one month like the SIM only deal if consumers use any additional amount than they have been allotted.

4. Contract

this is the phone deal where a consumer signs a contract with the carrier for a period or 12, 18 or 24 months and here the customer pays money for the minutes, data usages, texts and additionally for the phone too. This is the best way consumers with low budget allowances get a new and good handset. The deals do not have any flexibility and are quite rigid and are quite expensive for many customers but they are also the best options available for consumers. Consumers can pay the money in the store or through direct debit. Usually the deals are long term with little room for flexibility, but the good end is that you can buy a good phone model and not pay all at once for it.
if you are the kind of person who only use phone minimally like 30 to 40 texts per month and a few calls only when you have to absolutely call, then it is best for you to go with a cheap pay as you go phone. But if you want a good smart phone but without making a down payment, then contract phones are the best for you. Depending on your usage and lifestyle it is for you to decide which one suits you best. However keep in mind that the phone type you choose should also save you money.