Differentiation Between Android and iOS Mobile App Development


iOS and Android are the most used software for mobile gadgets in the world. Of course, there are other products like Microsoft Windows. Nevertheless, it always seems like, mobile phone is a contest between Apple and different Android companies like Samsung, Tecno, LG, Infinix Xiaomi, Huawei, and similar ones. Since these two mobile app developments are the largest and most used in the world, learning about their app development should be insightful. A reliable source of development services like https://webspaceteam.com is all the sufficiency you need to access the right solutions.

Similarities between their Mobile App Development

Android and iOS have simple similarities that they share. These include;

  1. They both can perform basic functions like browsing, calling, sending messages, use of intelligent applications like Alexa and Siri, and more similarities. 
  2. They both have a similar cellular network. This shows that they can both be used to surf the internet. 
  3. They both have a status bar which is an indicator of statuses like notification, battery life, time, network type, and others. 
  4. You can edit the privacy settings for the two technology. This allows users to control their data and make basic settings. 

Dissimilarities between Android and iOS Mobile App Development 

Just like there are similarities in these technologies, there also exist major dissimilarities amongst them. Well, there are various approaches an Android app differs from an iOS mobile app. A few of the major differences are; 

  • They have a contrasting share in the world market. They are the two most influential gadgets of the market store. The android market covers the bulk of the market while iOS fills the rest of the gap. Various researches in others countries have shown that there are more android users than other application. 
  • Their application stores are not the same. Apple App Store is unique to iOS while Google Play Store is for Android gadgets. Sure, there are more applications on the Google play store because there is no need for a strict verification process, unlike Apple App Store. 

For the sake of this article, it is essential to examine the differences in their mobile app development under these measures. 

  1. Programming language: You would agree that Java is the commonest programming language in the world and it is responsible for Android gadgets. Nonetheless, Apple devices are designed using the Objective-C programming language. There is an alternative Kotlin for Android and an Objective-C replacement Swift. 
  2. Integrated Development Environment (IDE): In Android technologies, its common IDEs are Android Studio, Eclipse, and IntelliJ. Apple is different and its commonest IDEs are Xcode 8 and Appcode. Both integrated development environment makes coding easy and faster for programmers. 
  3. Due to their programming designs, both mobile app development services have different display designs. So far, iOS is only available on Apple products like iPad and iPhone. This has been in tandem with Apple’s goal of totally being in control of their devices and software. Well, there will be little room for innovation but its user experience (UX) will remain great. 

Life for an android user is different because you can install it on any kind of device. Oppo, Infinix, Huawei, Tecno, Samsung and the rests are responsible for custom android app development. Unlike its counterpart Apple, this feature gives it an edge over apple because the developers have full control to improve its user experience (UX) for their customers. However, it could be a disadvantage too because the relative level of UX is low for android users. 

To expatriate on the UI and UX effect, some features are peculiar to iOS app development services. A major example is the famous single home button on Apple. A real Android device has three home buttons (overview, home, and back). 


Picking the most useful platform for your business is solely a function of what you desire. The two mobile app development services, iOS app development service, and custom android app development are up and running to improve their technology. In as much as Android devices are cheap and easy to use, it would be amazing to be a part of a great Smart Application like Siri.