The retail market is changing. Having a traditional brick and mortar store isn’t enough in an age when shoppers can pull out their phones, place orders and have them shipped to their front steps in a matter of days. Putting up banners for store-wide sales and mailing out flyers for discounts doesn’t yield the same results as it used to. Now that consumers prefer to be online, retailers have to adapt their marketing methods to be successful. 

Increase Your Social Media Presence:

Making commercials and putting up billboards of your products may be out of reach for your budget. You can put out the same message with a YouTube video or an Instagram picture while trimming the costs.

Another reason why a strong social media presence is an excellent retail marketing tactic is that it lets you get closer to customers. Social media is an active experience, not a passive one. People can like your photos and videos, leave reactions and post comments. And of course, you can reply to them. Establishing that direct connection with people will make them more likely to remember your brand, buy your products and recommend them to others.

Track Your Online Presence:

If you’re going to put your efforts into digital marketing, you need to invest in digital marketing analysis. Otherwise, you’re not going be able to tell whether you’re reaching your intended audience or not.

One simple way to do this is to turn to a website like Morphio for assistance. Morphio is a digital marketing reporting, analysis and insight platform designed to help companies track their metrics, improve their online standing and meet performance goals. Using AI, it will track your website, your search rankings and other online platforms to see if they match your KPIs.

The platform will simplify reporting with centralized marketing analytics and AI-driven predictions that eliminate the possibilities of human error. Asking an employee to complete the same caliber of work won’t be fair. Looking at metrics all day long will be repetitive and mundane. They will be better suited for more engaging tasks around the office.

Embrace New Ideas:

Moving online opens up new possibilities for marketing. You don’t have to use the same methods that you’ve used in the past. Think outside of the box.

Look at Sephora. The cosmetics retailer invested in a strong mobile strategy, comprehensive data analysis and revolutionary tech. Consider the Experience Visual Artist feature on their mobile app that lets users test out products like false eyelashes and lipstick without setting foot inside of a store.  

Sephora’s innovative uses of tech gave them success with consumers and gave them accolades in the industry, including the honorable award of Retailer of the Year at the World Retail Congress.

The only way that retailers can thrive is to readjust to the current market. Sticking to the old methods of marketing won’t get as many customers through the door — whether that door is digital or attached to your brick and mortar store. If you can adapt, you will survive.