Do Direct Mail Campaigns Work? 


As a growing small business, you’re constantly looking for ways to increase your business by marketing. There are so many possibilities for marketing in today’s modern world that using a direct mail campaign to get the word out about your business is often overlooked and forgotten. 

The question has to be asked, however, about the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns. Do they really work? Isn’t direct mail a thing of the past in a world that has the internet and email? Below, you can read a few pros and cons of direct mail, to help you determine if this marketing campaign is the right one for your small business.

Pro: It’s highly targeted

One of the biggest advantages of direct mail marketing is the fact that it’s highly targeted. Whether you’re sending out brochures, leaflets, catalogues, newsletters, or postcards, if you know your target audience well, then direct mail is the way to go.

For example, if your company sells vacation packages to the tropics, you’ll want to target families. You can do this by researching your target audience and determining who has planned vacations to the tropics (or even just the beach) in the past before starting your campaign. 

Con: It can be costly 

One of the biggest disadvantages of a direct mail campaign is that it can become costly. It can cost a lot of money to send out direct mail in volume, so you need to decide if you have the budget for it.

With the price of postage and printing, it can become quite expensive for companies that send out tens of thousands of pieces of mail per month. Businesses that depend completely on direct mail marketing depend on repeat customers because of this reason. 

Pro: It’s easy to track 

Another plus in the column for direct mail marketing is that the mail is easy to track. This allows your business to easily compute and track your return on investment (or ROI for short).

Make sure that when you send out forms by mail, you always include an order form. This way, when you get mail orders, you can just key in the form number and keep track of how well the campaign is going by the amount of mail orders you receive. 

Con: It can go largely unread

Studies have shown that despite the work put into designing, printing and mailing out direct mail, 44 percent of all “junk mail” goes into the trash without ever being read.

You can get around this disadvantage, however, by putting a lot of thought into the design and the writing of your direct mailings. The goal is to make them eye-catching enough to give your target audience pause before they toss them into the trash unread. 

Pro: It’s highly informative 

Unlike other types of advertising, direct mail provides the customer with a wealth of knowledge. In many cases, a business will combine a newsletter, sales letter, brochure, and order form all in one fell swoop with a solo mailing. This is a great way to get the word out about special deals and sales that your company is hosting as well. 

These are just a few of the pros and cons of direct mail campaigns. As you can see, the pros well outweigh the cons, and prove that these types of campaigns can work well for your small business. It just takes a little work and a lot of imagination.