Do Product Managers Need to Be Certified?


Are you wondering whether product managers need to be certified? If so, the answer is it depends. There are many benefits to becoming a certified product manager that you should consider, but they may not be for you. For example, becoming certified costs money and time, which you may not have. Whatever the reasons, we’ll go over why you should still consider becoming a certified product manager.

Reason 1: Strengthen Your Resume

There are plenty of job opportunities for product managers almost anywhere you go. The issue is, you most likely will have to compete with other candidates for a position at a company that you want. And there is a good chance that your potential employer will look for any certifications you may have that qualify you for the position. 

You can still prove to your interviewer that you know your stuff without needing any certifications and acquire the job. But having one or multiple certifications listed on your resume can make the difference between getting the job or being told that the position is no longer available.

Reason 2: Increase Your Worth

Just like having a certification strengthens your resume and increases your chances of landing a job, so will it increase your monetary worth. Sometimes by tens of thousands of dollars. The reason is that becoming certified adds to your experience, making you much more valuable to employers. So if you’re looking to boost your pay or your net worth, then becoming certified could very well be worth your time and money.

Reason 3: Grow Your Skills and Knowledge

Taking product management courses to become certified does a couple of things for you. One, you strengthen and add to the knowledge that you currently have. Second, you also develop new and old skills. Becoming certified, or going through certification, is a great way to hone your abilities and learn new things, which you can take with you moving forward in your career. Becoming certified can be especially beneficial for someone who has just graduated and doesn’t have much experience.

Reason 4: Some Companies Require It

We mentioned that you don’t need to be certified to land a job as a product manager. However, many companies do require it if you ever want to be considered. Some employers want to know that you are a proactive learner and that you know how to lead. Not only that, but they want to see that you know what you’re doing. Having just one or multiple certifications can be enough to prove to them that you meet their criteria and get your foot in the door.

Reason 5: Easier to Switch Jobs

If down the road you decide you don’t like your current job (or your employer), switching jobs will be easier thanks to your certifications. Combine this with the skills and number of years of experience that you have, and you’ll increase the likelihood of acquiring a new position. Sometimes, there will be better employment opportunities that come up that you won’t be able to pass. Many product managers change jobs for this reason or because they want to expand their careers. If you have the proper certification, switching jobs will be a breeze.

Reason 6: Affordable Certifications

The downside to becoming certified is the cost and time. Some courses cost anywhere between $195-$4,000 or more, but not all are the same. Some are more high-quality than others. Add in the time it takes to complete one or multiple certifications, and you are looking at a few days to a couple of weeks, to even a month or more. However, many courses provide the option to take classes online or in person. Still, you will have to find the best time that works for you. Although becoming a certified product manager costs money, there are plenty of affordable options to choose from, and the benefits of becoming certified can outweigh the cost.

Conclusion: Not Needed, But Worth It

Becoming a certified product manager is not entirely necessary, depending on the situation. But it is worth it if you are thinking about becoming certified. Not only will you increase your skills and knowledge, but you will also enjoy the benefits of receiving higher pay and being able to find work almost anywhere you go. If you decide to become certified, keep in mind that not all courses are of the same quality. Some are better than others. You will need to do your research first to find the best one that matches your needs.