Many of novice photographers believe expensive, hi-end gear can make the difference when it comes to their establishment and progress as a professional.

Experienced photo artists know the truth: it’s not pro stock photo equipment that decides the success. Actually, to be a good photographer, you should rather possess certain intangible assets like creativity, dedication and inspiration. Buying the most state-of-the-art cameras and accessories offered by industry-leading brands cannot make up shortage of these important qualities.

As renowned industry professionals assert, your gift of coming up with ideas and managing models supersedes any advanced cameras and gadgets. A talented novice can make their career successful even with affordable, budget-level shooting equipment. Setting aside certain special cases when you, for example, need ultra-high resolution to produce images suitable for billboard printing, one can say that a common viewer will hardly distinguish between pictures shot with a high-end camera and a budget-level one provided that the author knows the ropes. Wildlife and dynamic sports activities are also the areas where using top-rate equipment is crucial.

Below, you can find some popular camera models, which, complimented with photo camera logo ideas, can help a newbie photo artist master the occupation.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Initially marketed as far back as in 2008, this camera confidently remains in the top of photographers’ choice. This is because the device offers a great combination of compact dimensions, high resolution (21 Mpix), high battery capacity and a live-view feature. Excellent performance and the quality of images taken are the reasons that many professionals mention when asked about their choice. By the way, this Canon model also can shoot great HD videos (1080p). Sold at about $2,200, the camera, however, offers no in-built flash, which is recognized by many as a substantial drawback. Also, no wireless remote control is available.

Canon EOS 6D

A cheaper option (under $1,700), this camera is a popular full frame DSLR solution praised by many users. Given its moderate price, the device offers advanced characteristics typically found in higher-class models only. A rather quiet shutter mechanism, an improved focusing capacity under low-light conditions as well as in-built GPS and Wi-Fi attract much attention from stock photographers all over the world. To summarize, EOS 6D is a unique combination of a light and compact design with the high quality of pictures and videos. The absence of a built-in flash is a major drawback for many. In certain situations, having multiple slots for memory cards would be a benefit, which is not offered by the manufacturer though.

Nikon D7000

This is another budget-level option; its price is as low as $1,200. Outperforming by multiple characteristics such predecessors as D90 and D300s, the camera features a magnesium-alloy body case coated with rubber for better grip. Of all Nikon’s DSLR devices, this one holds the second position in terms of maximum resolution. It also introduces an innovative metering system. Excellent performance characteristics, a convenient viewfinder and two card slots prove that the low cost is not the only merit of this gadget. On the other hand, shooting 1080/30p videos is unavailable, which is an essential drawback for many users.

To summarize, even the above equipment options available at affordable prices allow starting out to master stock photography. Anyways, when selecting a camera, remember that the lens quality dominates all other features. However, the #1 thing you should have is your dedication and willingness to progress