Does your business have any use for a mobile cloud application?


 Mobile movement represents one of the most important technology cycles in the past years. It is estimated that there are more than three billion smartphone users in the world. According to the experts at Statista, this number will grow by hundreds of millions in the following years. Companies have a lot to gain by embracing the mobile movement. They should build applications that can support mobile operating systems and be accessed over the Internet.

Mobile and cloud have merged to become mobile cloud. Mobile applications are designed, powered, and hosted with the help of cloud computing technology. Users can access and use applications that are not normally supported by their mobile platforms, and require additional computational power. Given the fact that everyone is using cloud mobile apps, consider developing something of the kind. It is an opportunity that’s too good to pass. Desktop applications are slowly but surely disappearing. Many businesses have moved their products to the cloud. You should do the same if you want to create value for users.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Cloud Application

An increasing number of organizations are opting for cloud-based applications. There are many advantages to hosting your app in the cloud. Examples include but are not limited to unilateral data synchronization, decreasing your costs, and redundancy across several data centers. To put it simply, a hosted application makes perfect business sense. Now that you are aware of the basics of mobile cloud applications, it is time to look into the reasons why you might need a solution of this kind.

Preparing for The Future

What could be more important than the present moment? The future, of course. Take the time to think about the future of your organization. We live in a time when it is very important to keep an eye on the future. Innovation takes place at unprecedented rates. It does not take years for the technology to reach numerous users. Facebook, for example, needed just three years to reach the 50 million mark. Or was it two years? It doesn’t really matter. The valuations of the future automatically affect the decisions you make. Mobile cloud is the future, so having a mobile cloud application right now would undoubtedly prepare you for future technologies and enhancements that will , at some point, become the norm.

Creating Innovation

Achieving innovation means increasing profitability. In this period of change, it is necessary to bring new products that offer new and superior advantages. Companies that innovate have no difficulties with scaling up. Furthermore, they can get their hands on a bigger share of the market. Mobile cloud applications open up portals to new dimensions of innovation. Now is not the time to discuss the innovation or creativity embedded in mobile cloud computing. It is not the right time to compare mobile cloud computing to traditional cloud computing. We will simply say that software programs which are designed to be accessed over the Internet can solve customer issues and fulfill clients’ needs.

Being Where Your Customers Are Online

Consumers have turned to the World Wide Web because it offers them real-time information. Additionally, they can search for products and engage with companies. When your customers are online, you need to know precisely where they are and what they are about to do. Remove the distance between you and your customers. There is nothing more important than their needs, challenges, and barriers. Use a mobile cloud app to increase your customer base.           Buying online and offline advertising can increase your brand’s visibility, but it will not do the trick.

How To Develop A Cloud Based Mobile Application 

Designing a mobile application for multiple devices is not easy. What you have to do is write a mobile application that connects to your backend services. Before explaining cloud based application development, we have to get into some details.

Defining BaaS: Getting A Good Understanding

BaaS is an acronym and it stands for Backend as a Service. It offers a means to link your application to the backend cloud storage and APIs. In other words, it is a way of connecting mobile applications to cloud based services. The vast majority of software programs need a backend to support the front user, which handles as many tasks as possible while using the least amount of services. Developers do not have to develop a backend for each service that the program uses.

Creating A Mobile Cloud App with BaaS services

Backend as a Service significantly reduces the time it takes to develop cloud based applications. Examples of basic functions are push notifications, analytics, cloud storage, user administration, and background tasks. BaaS is not the same thing as mobile middleware. The difference mainly lies in the approach. To be more precise, Backend as a Service offers the exact same services by means of offsite data centers. It is up to you to choose a delivery platform for cloud services. You can choose a reputable company such as Amazon. Of course, you will need a talented developer to write the code that will be accommodated in the cloud service. Moreover, you will have to take into account the speed at which the development process will be happening. Consumers cannot wait forever.

Is Outsourcing Mobile App Development an Option?

If you think that this is too difficult, it is best to outsource the cloud app development. A trustworthy company can immediately provide a solution for your business. All you have to do is reach out. As you can imagine, it gets easier after that. Tip: make sure the company applies an agile methodology for consulting and software services. There is no reason to worry because the most important organizations practice agile software development.