Dont Buy Fake Instagram Followers. Ever. Do this Instead


You do not need to buy fake followers to build and grow your Instagram presence. Likewise, you do not need Instagram bots to engage with your followers to get more engagement to your account. 

Generally, when you get Instagram followers or engagement, you are essentially paying for numbers only. No engagement can be guaranteed and is unlikely if the accounts are fake or inactive. 

It can be challenging to grow on such a competitive social media platform. However, there are ways you can do instead of buying fake followers and engagement. 

Why Not Buy Fake Followers?

First, buying fake followers is against Instagram’s TOS (terms of service). Some of the issues that come with buying fake followers include:

  • Your Instagram account will not compare well next to genuine user accounts
  • You run the risk of getting inappropriate comments from bots
  • You will get no engagement from fake followers
  • Spam is common with buying fake followers
  • Instagram’s algorithm will catch the fake followers and purge them
  • You could get suspended or banned from the platform
  • You risk your credibility on Instagram
  • There is no profit in buying fake followers

While some people may feel it is worth the risk, you should consider this option carefully and try some of these proper methods to grow on Instagram.

1) Private Vs Public Instagram Account

If you want to build, grow, engage, and maintain your follower base on Instagram, you need to make your account public. Private accounts are not visible to the public and therefore you cannot reach out to new followers as easily as with a public account. This is a good start toward organic growth.

2) Use Instagram Features to Their Fullest

Instagram has many useful features that allow you to build and grow your follower base and the platform is always being developed with more. Some of these features include Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, IGTV, Reels, and Shopping on Instagram. There is no reason you cannot use these to your advantage and grow your presence.

You would be surprised at how effective and efficient these Instagram resources are for driving organic and authentic engagement and traffic. 

3) Give Instagrammers a Reason to Follow You

What is unique about you? What is unique about your product or service? Your background story will be interesting to your followers, so share it with them. Be sure to post a nice variety of content to your feed like images, videos, stories, user-generated content, GIFs, how-to videos, and more to create interest and excitement. These elements will give Instagrammers a reason to follow you. 

Before you create content, do your research and make it relevant to your niche. It is also important to use high-quality images along with catchy captions to attract attention to your posts. It helps if you have a good sense of humor and are good at building relationships. But do not worry if you are not that person. You can outsource your content if needed. 

4) Try a Reliable Growth Service – Growthoid

One of the top services for Instagram growth is Growthoid. This system is manual in nature and tailored to your needs to deliver real and valuable followers to your account. This company does not deliver fake followers.

This company offers easy signup, an account manager, targeting instructions, filters, control over speed of delivery, and a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your service.

While this kind of service may not often be recommended, however building and growing on Instagram sometimes needs an initial boost, which Growthoid provides. Always remember to take great care if you choose to use any outsourcing for your account.

5) Create Great Content and Use Hashtags

Quality content and relevant and popular hashtags are crucial to your credibility with followers and potential followers. Your content needs to be focused on building a relationship with your audience while promoting your product or service. Some posts should offer help, guidance, or how-to videos specifically for your followers.

Monitor the content you create by checking on your Instagram analytics, so you know what is working and what is not. You will likely change and experiment with your content for a while before discovering what works best for you and your audience. 

Final Thoughts

Remember that Instagram is a visual social media platform where people build relationships. It is imperative to keep that in mind when creating content to post. Focus your energy on organic growth by using the above methods. 

Hashtag strategies, analyzing your performance, and engaging with your audience are key for growth and retention. Your goal should be to define your audience, cater to them with content, have fun, build relationships, and promptly respond to your followers’ questions and concerns.