Don’t Spy: Just Try! Because Kids are still young!


Thinking that your kids are completely fine and not going through an emotional backdrop can be a mistake. Well, of course, their problems might not be as sensitive as yours, but for their age, it might be damaging their healthy growth. And thus, it is vital for parents to keep a check on their kid’s life. How do they react to certain things and people will help you understand if they are traumatized or addicted to a particular distraction.

Kids Versus Smart Phone!

Sometimes, parents think that handing over a smartphone to the kids will help them grow their knowledge of technology. But what they are really not aware of is the dark side of the same. Your kids must be eligible enough to click on some sites, if not; they must be warned for the same.

Sometimes certain sensitive information which is just not right for their age can really harm them emotionally. As parents, one must understand their responsibility towards their children and their problems if facing any.

Is Your Kid Happy Or Sad?

A perfect solution to let your kid grow healthy is by keeping a check on them. You might be aware of his/her friends in school, but do you have any clue what they really chat about? Or what type of activities they are influenced in? How about keeping a track of their phones? Because their smartphone is a treasure to their heart and mind that opens up all the activities and things they are pursuing.

Children can get really stubborn when it comes to handing over their phones. But this time, you don’t have to deal with such a situation because you can spy every activity on their phone through Snoopza. Before you realize this free android spy, let’s have a look at the features of the same:

  • The app will help you keep a track on the call logs on the phone
  • Parents can record every call realized on their kid’s Smartphone
  • Parents can see all the SMS received and sent from their phone
  • If your kids are addicted to social networking sites; this app will help you spy on different accounts like:
  • Viber
  • Facebook
  • WhatsaApp
  • Snapchat
  • Parents can also get an access to the screenshots realized on their phone
  • Stealth mode of the app will keep the application hidden from their kids which means no icon on their screen
  • What do your kids mention on their to-do list can also be accessed through this app
  • Parents can track the history of the browser in just few clicks
  • Whether or not their kids are replacing the SIM card in the phone can also be detected through this app
  • This app will help you detect the location of the phone at any time
  • The names of the contacts saved in the phone can also be checked scanned through this app
  • Tracking a camera will really help the parents understand what their kids are really into

No matter how close you are towards your kids, at a certain age, they tend to hide many emotions from their parents. And when they get an access to the digital world, their mind starts diverting into sensitive information which might not be right for their age group. And thus, such applications help parents to devote more time and attention towards their kids.

Please remember that the basic learning ability and smartness in your kids is developed in his/her house. And thus, one must keep a track on their moves. The fact states that information transferred in the brain at a young age tend to remain there for a longer time which means whatever your kids are learning today is going to remain in their head for almost all their life.

Freedom is what everyone cherishes, but parents must keep a note that the freedom of their kids does not change into a massive distraction for them.

So spying on them is not really offending them at all, because you are their parents and they are entirely your responsibility. So if you are looking for a spy phone app free download, this site is a correct choice to make!